Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Spawn 150 cover PENCILS revealed!


Man, when Todd asked me to do a variant Spawn 150 cover, I thought, crap, it's been over 10 years since I have drawn this guy. Not sure of even what his current costume was, I had Todd and co. shoot me a jpeg for reference. Then I started and memories of the early Image days flooded back. But it wasn't the old squabbles that came to mind, but all the goofy crap we did when we were riding high and living out our dreams. So just from that standpoint--this image was a lot of fun to draw, simply for that old walk down memory lane.

I remember Todd's hopes for his character--this was way before the movie and toys and damn, if he didn't accomplish 99.9% of his dreams. That's perseverance for ya. Hopefully I can tap into that same enthusiasm when I tackle Wildcats with Grant Morrison cause this was way too much fun!


Jon Tsuei said...

Any insight on how long your run with Grant Morrison on Wildcats will be Jim, or is that top secret info at this point?

bat2supe said...


If i'm not mistaking i remember reading that it will be a 12 issue long.
Don't know if my memory plays me of the turns 'cause i cannot find the article where i read this.

Sorry if i'm false

bat2supe said...


hey man my memory is in good shave .
Here is the link of a jim lee interview with Newsarama.

missleman said...


DC said...

What's with that car buying bible advert? I say stick with the old school site: http://carbuyingtips.com/ I read that sucker through and through before I bought my first car...

And Jim, I really felt that the characters in WildCATs developed very well in volume 3 (even though it was cut short). Looking forward to volume 4 though... have full faith in the creative team.

Vince said...

I can wait to see the next version of the Wild C.A.T.S , new designs , new story , and same good feeling !

Ryan said...

While I was extremely pissed with the cancellation of Volume 3 (especially since Dustin was supposed to come back to the book), at least some guys named Grant Morrison & Jim Lee will follow-up such a high quality book with one of their own.

By my estimation, we probably won't see this book until the end of next year, based on the expected run of Batman & Robin. So 2006 is already shaping up to be another banner year for you Mr. Lee. Just in time for Christmas!


Jon Tsuei said...


Thanks for the link my man. I read that article too but aparently I don't retain knowledge for very long, hehe.

Tyler Wilken said...

It really shows with Todd Mcfarlane what hard work does. It gets your dreams accomplished. If only I had that ambition. Go to hell Todd. :)


jrsorrell said...

Jim, roughly how long did it take you to complete the pencils for the Spawn cover?

Oh and by the way...THOSE PENCILS ROCK!!!

God Bless,

Johnny said...

Yo, GREAT! I'm thinking which cover will be at polish ediotion. And when it will be? And if Spawn will be still publishing? Anyway: It's interesting to sww your work made with other crew, yesyesyo.
Now I'm waitng for other covers of Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo.

Ariel Aguire said...

Jim, you really outdid yourself with this awesome Spawn Cover, man!
GREAT layout, Spawn looks INCREDIBLE, the demons terrifying, very, very INTENSE; I just LOVE the pencils on this baby, excellent job!!!

Also, I think it's really nice of you to do this for Todd since I'm not sure if you're still friends but since you were both there since the beginning I think that's awesome!

PS: As the others said above, can't wait to see you work your magic on WildCATS now, I'm sure it won't dissapoint!

Press Oblivion said...


antonio said...

Beautiful work Jim!!


R2K said...

Hi from NYC! :O)

R2000 :O)

wupton said...

Jim, maximum respect on the spawn stuff. i'd let my subscription slip but somehow regret has reared it's ugly mal-formed cranium. Any chance you'll be coming to England any time soon... ever even? ps am currently selling kidney on black market to fund my new art addiction and to buy the absolute hush edition... the signed one at DF. ah the life of a fan.

mucho respecto
wupton the tall

Riki said...

I can't seem to post on the wildstorm msg board (account won't work, not sure why), so I hope someone here can help me out. I'm trying to buy WildCATs vol 2 and 3. I prefer paperbacks if possible. Can someone tell me what all I need to buy, and in which order I need to read them? I don't even know how many issues each volume ran for, or how many trade-paperbacks each volume has.

Jon Tsuei said...

riki: I hope this is of help to you.

Wildcats Vol. 2

Wildcats v3.0

Wildcats v3.0 (Vol. 3) was canceled after 25 issues. I don't think there are trades collecting the last 13 issues of that series. Which is really too bad, it was one of my favorite books being published at the time. I did ask Joe Casey about what was going to happen in the series, he had it all plotted out to like issue 45 or something like that, but he wouldnt give up any info because he said he might continue the story in another form some day. What form it'll take I have no idea.

Riki said...

krunchie, thank you very much, that's VERY helpful!

Jon Tsuei said...

glad I could help out! happy reading :)

24D said...

Any of you guys considering doing some artwork to auction off to benefit the victims of hurricane Katrina? If you haven't already I think it would be awesome.