Friday, August 12, 2005

Happy Befday Jim!

Happy Befday Jim!
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Just wanted to drop a quick happy berfday sucka!!!!




Vince said...

Happy birthday , Mr Lee !
The best has yet to come !
Take care of you and of all the guys of gelatometti !
As a present for you , I offer you the original of this pic , under frame , next time you'll come in France :

Jack Smith said...

happy b-day

good luck on the upcoming Wildstorm relaunching. i was happy to hear you doing wildcats again.

please dont over-extend the universe too quickly and don't over-extend your talent resources making the new books.

Yano said...

Happy Birthday, Jim!!!

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us this year!

JMB said...

Happy Birthday Jim !!!
And keep up the excellent work !
Can't wait to see these Wildcats of yours again! ;)

Neo said...

Who's the geek in the shades next to you?? Get runnin man he looks lo-ko :-)
Laterz Nez

Thorsten said...

Happy Birthday Jim!
you are a great inspiration, so keep inspiring!


Happy Birthday Jim!

Now I'm gonna ask my wife to bake me a cake!

GTJDorris said...

All the best on your born-day, Jim!!

Thanks for this lovely little thing we call "the Metti" and hopefully there will be many many more of these to celebrate for years to come.

Be well.

dustin said...

happy birthday sir!

icemanx62 said...

Happy b-day Jim!

Jesse Chin said...

Happy Birthday Jim,

Maybe the Padres can make the post-season as a belated bday present for you.


fotiboss said...

Tanti Auguri Jim!!!

WG! said...

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