Sunday, August 21, 2005

Skye Runner Exclusives! Braylon the Green Knight


Continuing with my weekly installments, I wanted to start introducing you all to the other characters in this new world.

Enter Braylon, The Green Knight. Braylon is the last son of a dead underwater kingdom. Raised by a community of island dwellers who found him on thier shores as an infant, he is the epitome of honor. Dressed in the armor of his ancestors, which is powered by all the souls of his lost world, Braylon is just one part of what's known as Fates Band. Will there be romance between he and Skye? That may be a little too obvious. Haunted by a mistake which will be revealed in the story, Braylon will surely play a big part in Skye's journey.

ale's notes:

Braylon was probably the first character I came up with visually. I've always thought knights were cool. Ever since Visionaries as a kid, I've had a urge to draw some kick ass knights. For Braylon, I knew I wanted to take the elements of a lion fish and turn it into an armor. Also I remembered back when I did Thundercats/Superman with Cris Walker, and he used this pretty sweet turqouise on Mumm-ra which I just loved! So you can expect Braylon to shine like that, BOO YAH! Age wise I figured he'd be the oldest of the group, even though he has probably the most insecurities. On his back story, I pretty much left up to Allen. Which as you'll see in the book is much more complicated than what was described earlier. Don't wanna give away too much, lol. Expect alot of computer effects with Braylon, a lot of power signatures and crap like that!

Skye Runner Exclusives! Braylon the Green Knight




Inkblotz said...

Man now I really want to see more. I am really looking forward to this seris to start more and more with each now peek :)


Press Oblivion said...

I think that I just found me a new desktop image!

Effin' Amazin Ale!
Thanks for sharing!

Tyler Wilken said...

This story is sounding better and better. I'm gonna have to track down the Ninja Boy trades because this is shaping up to be AWESOME. The knight looks so damn cool.


The Hypergeek said...

The first thing I thought when I saw those was, "I Must Ink".

Is it possible for you to post up a hi-res Braylon for us amateurs to practice on?


just keep posting this stuff ale, it be da bomb!

Johnny said...

ALE, I've got very important (for me) question. I hope I'm not makin' trouble with it, but I want to know how much are you thinking about letters when you are drawing. When I'm watching at this splash I've got some letter's boxes in some places on pages. I want to see this pages when they would be finalized to check if I'm right with some of my presumptions, yesyesyo.