Friday, August 26, 2005

Metti-Clips--The Last Set

Metti-Clips--The Last Set Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Here are the last set of three clips.

Thanks to James McEwan for the storage assist--couldn't have done it without ya, mate. The final 11x17 inked pieces are going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund to be auctioned off to a lucky bidder. I concede this match to the Padawen Ale and Carlos. Or am I setting them up for the double or nothing Rematch? Time will tell. Thanks to all who have posted. We like to hear your thoughts and reactions to everything we put on the blog. I know it's an odd assortment of material--part travelogue, part art class, part silliness--but that sums up kind of what we do for a living. And we wouldn't have it any other way.

Have a great weekend, all...


Jack Smith said...

this blog has been a great experiment! thanks for putting the effort in!

cough cough — add sandra hope — cough cough

Neo said...

Hey Jim
I love the "odd asortment" of stuf you guys post on the blog :-) We have no idea whats gonna be there each week...its great!
Can't thank you guys enough for the video clips! That stuff is da bomb!
More Sandra Hope would be appreciated, pics, video ( Im not a perv honest)bio etc etc.
Keep it all coming dudes & dudettes!
You guys drawing/inking to Rob Zombie -Dragula?? Genius..what a tune!


RightOnTarget said...

Aww man! Last ones already? Well, this was really fun to watch. Thanks for recording all this! -M

sedat said...

This is amazing!! all the videos have been so much fun to watch.

something i really find funny too, is that when yo get a closer look on carlos´face he kinda looks like giusepe camuncoli. i dont know why but all the time i was watching the clips it felt like "huh?, this guy could be giusepes brother" :) haha...

however, thank you guys for sharing this and bringing a little bit of wildstorm into my house :)

Best wishes,

bat2supe said...

Thanks for posting that video & sharing this experiment with us.

Great moment of the gelatometti crew.

Thanks,also, for being involved in this blog & always posting great & new stuff every day.
Nice to see that you love & take care of your fans.


Impatient to see what's going on.

Chapolin said...

Cool,Cool all the way,you just got us adicted to it.
As you can see if you look back at all the posts.We demand!!! a studio tour from the front door to the back of the studio.
And of course let´s face it ,we are all pervs that want to watch Sandra next time. Inking I mean :P
Thank you dudes.

Chapolin said...

Hey ,I just had this idea Jim.
Why not a book Writen by Christina Z,Penciled by Amanda Conner and Inked by Sandra?
Hã,hã...think about it.
It´s like having the Beatles together again.

| rc | said...

Thank you guys for the wonderful videos, these were so cool.

Thanks again!

Have a great weekend too!



mark said...

yeah! Master Jim Lee ROCKs!!! i'll put them on one clip then burn it! yeah!

Vince said...

The videos were really a good idea ! I rediscovered the talent of Carlos who is really impressive !
Well Jim you know I like your work so I don't need to say something ... exept maybe the fact that despite what you said about you and the brush , you're a killer with it !

Thank you again for learning me some new words ! LOl !

GoingNuckinFuts said...

haha wait..didnt carlos say there wasnt anytime for washes in the other clips?? then theres that whole 2 minute (im just guessing) skip and all of you are almost done and carlos is doing wash?? hah its just incredible.

The only thing I regret not seeing more of are clips of 1)Jim doing his "cheap details" (haha) and 2) any macho bashing after it was all done... o yeah and more Sandra would have been even nicer : )

you guys are great and these clipse...what more can any fan ask for.

wilson said...

again you guys ROCK!
They have the best blog...

regards from braziL!!!!!!!

Chuckeedee said...

sheeeeeeat man, I was sweating bullets towards the end of this thing!!! Jim can do so much SO damn fast.

The initial idea was to have 30 minutes to pencil, and 30 to ink, but I think both Jim and I realized that 30 minutes is not enough for inking, so we both must have spent an extra 10 or 15 minutes on the 'embelishing' of the pieces, which makes sense, since the penciling only took about 15 or 20 minutes, so it was still done in about an hour.

In all the other pieces I've done for the "Iron Chef' it's broken up to about the same time-ratio; one third (or less) for laying it out, and the last two thirds on the inking, so this one was tricky because we had never done a 'shared' challenge.

... with that said, wouldn't it be awesome if Jim and Mark Silvestry had one of these ?!? ... It'd be like Bruce Lee fighting Jet Li or something!


Inkblotz said...

HOLY CRAP Carlos I think you just hit onto something. Jim vs. Mark would be one of the coolest battles yet.

Now make it happen :)


Jon Tsuei said...

Awesome clips, thanks for sharing these with us. And Jim vs. Mark would be quite the battle indeed, that's one to record and get the guys over at Top Cow to record Mark while he works, that would make for some good TV, er..blogging.

Any chance we could get a real life tag team battle going at next year's SDCC? Wildstorm vs. whomever thinks they can best the Iron Chefs!

johnnyjustice said...

Doing one of these Iron Chefs "live" at a con that the CBLDF is at would rake in even more $$$ than simply just auctioning off the pieces at said convention. People would get a more personalized vibe going and the cash would seem like such a big deal to fork over since they were a "part" of it.

Yeah, as if you guys' schedule at the cons isn't hectic enough! LOL!

sedat said...

Jim Lee Vs. Travis Charest, that would be like a clash of the Titans,the student versus his teacher, obi van vs. anakain skywalker...uhmmm wait first Travis has to finsih Dreamshifters :)
so Mark Vs. Jim would be nice.

Id like to see Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Mike Mignola, Leinil Francis Yu or Whilce Portacio over here too.
I should stop daydreamin. However have a nice Weekend everybody.

Yano said...

Finally upgraded my quicktime so I can see the vids. Great job. Love seeing the work in progress!

I love this blog - not only do you all post art that we love, but you also give us some insight into the process, what drives you, what inspires you, etc. We all appreciate being let into your world.

As for Sandra, I agree, we need to see more of her. Though my intentions are a bit different from the guys - I think we need more women like Sandra taking part in the creative process of comics!

Gabe_Eltaeb said...

Jim, Ale, Carlos, Rich,

You guys rule!

Thank you so much for being so open and accesible to the fans.

You guys were great in person (San Diego) and you are great online. Keep it going!!


Neo said...

Hey jim
All the people who died by Jim Carroll? What a tune. Since hearing it on your clip I've got it blasting out in my car along with Rob Zombie-dragula. Jim Carrolls tune has a real 70's punk feel to it :-)
Thanks for introducing me.

Requius said...

A prelude to Wildstorm: the Documentary?

Thanx for the peek,
most entertaining.


missleman said...


Jack Smith said...

concerning the sandra hype as of late:

it's not like you guys post photos of yourselves and we gawk at how lovely rich friend is today or how sexy ale's sunglasses are. i would read a sandra post here because she probably thinks more differently than all you mofos. i want to see what makes a female in the industry tick. what kind of books a woman supports and that type of thing. newsarama's interviews with amanda conner as of late are really insightful.

Chapolin said...

Jim .In one of the QT clips Sandra say somenthing to you and you ask her: Como é? is that it? The one were you are inking the hellboy.
Do you speak portuguese Jim?!
Você fala português?

Ariel Aguire said...

Thanks so much for sharing these great videos with us, they are SO FREAKIN' FUN!!!!!!!

Please do these more often (in fact, every Iron Chef battle should be this well documented), just try and hold the camera as close as possible to the art, we wanna see every detail when you all work your magic!!!!

Rich, Ale, Carlos, and of course Jim, you guys ARE ALL TRUE MASTERS!!! BOTH LOOK SPECTACULAR!!!

Keep rockin', love you guys

- Ariel Aguire

Ariel Aguire said...

PS: Also wanna put in my vote for a Jim vs. Marc battle! Hey, they're friends and Jim just did a Hunter Killer cover for him, so if you really wanted to you just might be able to convince him to do this, guys!

Also agree it would be spectacular to do this live as San Diego, woah!

Dan the Man said...

wow finally i got my stuff working
sweet job guys

on a side note: i'm a wana be CB illustrator and i'm having trouble getting scripts to practice penciling and i was wondering if you guys could tell me where i could get some if you could e-mail me that info

Dan D.

meek? said...

This blog exceeds all my expectations. It's much more than an in-my-face showcase. I love how we 'Mettiheads don't know what to expect next. Everythin's a pleasant surprise and tells us a lot about our favorite artists in and out of the comic book world.

It's a given how phenomenal it is to get to know Jim through this site. In the process, I've also gained a lot of respect for Ale and Carlos and have been converted to a full-fledged fan o' their work whereas I was a more of a passive/part-timer before findin' this place. And ricH and Scott... they're like hidden treasures waitin' to be fully discovered. I'm glad to know 'bout them before they blow up, 'cause it'll only be a matter of time before that happens.

Thanks for maintainin' this place and for bein' so damn cool folks! Gelatometti 'til Infinity! (to be expressed Souls of Mischief-style moreso than in Toy Story steez)