Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Spawn 150 cover INKED

Spawn 150 cover INKED Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Talk about the hookup! Yowsa...inks by the ever meticulous Danny Miki. He really went to town on this cover. If I had known he was going so intense, I would just have drawn a stick figure, heh. I dig all the textures on the demons and check out how he hooked up Spawn's right forearm.

Normally, I'm not into inkers drawing in what's not there but Danny is a maestro at making Spawn look Spawnish and he didn't disappoint me here. I spent at least a half hour just staring at the intricacies of his line-work. The rendering and shades of gray he establishes on Spawn's rib cage is really world class inkage. Take a bow, Danny!


meek? said...

Savage!! This is one o' those rare times when I can't decide whether the inked piece or the inked & colored piece is better.


missleman said...


Vince said...

Great black areas and many detail that don't "eat" the picture ! You've indeed made a good team together !

Ryan said...

If anyone ever needed more convincing that inkers are much, much more than just "tracers", this piece demonstrates that.

I am concerned that much more artwork is going straight from pencils to colours...sometimes because a penciller feels something is lost in the translation from his/her pencils to inks. Other times, it's due to production costs or time constraints. However, a good inker can do what Danny has done here...add and enhance an already wonderful piece of artwork.

So to Danny Miki, Scott Williams, Richard Friend, Sandra Hope, Tim Townsend, and anyone else I'm forgetting right now (and I know I'll get flamed because of it)...take a bow!


Tyler Wilken said...

This piece looks great. I'm just not so sure I like the real sketchy (I'm not even sure if thats the word I'm looking for) style this image has. It looks great, but I think once its finally colored is where you can really appreciate it.

Ariel Aguire said...

Oh, MAN!!! Jim, if you EVER can't work with Scott Williams (still my #1 choice to ink over your work since he really brings out the "shine" and makes it PERFECT), then please get Danny Miki to ink it!

It's INCREDIBLE the amount of detail and artistry he brought to this piece, enhancing it, making it even grittier and more stunning.

I can see why you don't mind the inker drawing in his own details this time around, it looks SPECTACULAR! Kudos, Danny, you are a true artist in every sense of the word (not to mention versatile, he'll ink any style and do a kick ass job, no trouble adapting this guy!)


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spinkick said...

wow... I was really surprised in the amount of detail Danny added to the work -- I had no idea!!

Jim said it best: 'world class'... When you compare the pencils to the inks, it's just amazing to see how much work was done. So if I ever hear anyone call inking 'just tracing...' -- this ought to shut 'em up!

Love the progression of images from pencil to color, thanks Jim.