Wednesday, August 03, 2005


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Just realized I hadn't posted much art on the blog for awhile; mostly because A) a lot of it can't be shown til the cover/book/project is officially announced or B) I haven't done a lot of sketches at cons recently as they have been too crazy or C) I'm too lazy to dig through the various drives for pieces you haven't seen. Or all of the above.

Here is a shot of some doodles I did a couple years back. Usually I draw loose like this when I am on the phone or in a meeting (shhhh). This particular set of doodles was done on typewriter paper and is probably from around the time of the 10th or 11th issue of Hush. In fact, you can see a little shot of Batman with his arms up; that's a small version of the shot in Hush where he is holding Jason Todd/Clayface on the Church ledge. That particular double page shot was in tight on Batman so on the original board, the drawing of his head, torso and arms is HUGE. When drawing that large, sometimes you can lose sense of scale because you are too close to the drawing so sometimes I draw it real small and blow it up on the xerox machine. Takes like 8 or 10 enlargements to get it to the proper size.

This was also around the time I knew I was going to be working on Superman with Azzarello as you can see all the Superman figures floating about. When I am working, I usually construct the figures using spheres and shapes but when doodling, I mix in a few flat, more graphical sketches where I focus more on the outlines and silhouettes of the figures. The end result is less 3-D but often more interesting visually. I try to keep a nice mix of both approaches into the work I do.


akikuro said...


I've always enjoyed watching an artist actually "construct" a piece. Sometimes it's more interesting than the finished product.

I've been wanting to scan some old con sketches you and Whilce did for me back in the late 80's. I thought you might get a kick out of it. If interested let me know where to send them.


Gelatomettista said...

May be very embarrassing...ha, but I'll put em up over time!


Johnny said...

I must read "Hush"! At least someone published 5 parts of it in my beautiful (I never remember how to wrote wthi word) country. Your "doodles" are very fine. If you have there too much and don't know what to do with so many sheets everywhere I can gave you my adress, sia la la. ;P


Man those gesture drawings are sweet!
You know I always loved the layouts and thought process that is involved, in making comics and art in general.
Hey did you have a chance to look at the original Mucha's at SDCC?

Vince said...

This is the kind of things I really like !
I understand the reasons why you can't show all your pages process , but as a young artist , it is really inspiring to see the way you do your rough and storyboard ! It is always helpful !
What is good when I see those research is how much they reflect the mass and he volume , they indeed get the sense of 3-D !

I liked to know what you are looking for when you are doing a storybaord of a page , placing the characters , the sense of perspective , the mass ? Everything ?

fatjester said...

I love this type of post, almmost more than your polished sketches.

It's incredible to see these types of "behind the scenes" drawings because I feel like we get a peek at your thoughts and process.

Please keep them coming!


johnnyjustice said...

Hooray! Artwork! THE reason I visit this blog every day =)

Tanviper said...

I would LOVE to see a whole book liket his. Different artist talking about how they build their pages, figures, etc..

Oh course, Jim Lee would have to fill up 95% of the book =-)

antonio said...

Beautiful insight as usual Dear Jim!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Victor said...

I agree with the above comments, seeing how professional artists build up the finished pieces we get on our monthly comics is a great way of learning. You should really consider releasing a book on this. Thanks, Jim.

johnnyjustice said...

Yes, yes, teach us oh wise one of the Bristol...we yearn to learn!


Vince said...

the pressure's going , going ...
lol !

Tim Townsend said...

Thank you SOOO much for posting these Jim! This type of thing is what I love to look at most. Pure spontneity, pure energy. Its like getting to listen to you sing in the shower.....ok.....I just jumped the shark. You get the idea. MORE!!!!!!!!!!


OneBadApple said...

Xerox enlarging! That's such a good idea!