Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Metti-Clips part 3

Metti-Clips part 3 Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

OK here are the next 4 clips.

Same warning...some foul language. And you will need Quicktime 7.0 to see it. Go to to download a free copy. Others took over the camera so the clips get progressively longer (they didn't know how to stop the footage).


Vince said...

MORE VIDEOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
MORE OF THE STUDIO !!!!!!!!!!!!!
MORE GIRLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Simply the best blog of the net .



Dan the Man said...

hi i just got QT7 and this still doesn't work idk


It is really fun to listen to the confidence levels of everyone, and then see the voting results, crazy, even with the power of old age...

I never would have thought.

Sam Out-

Jon Tsuei said...

I love the quote, "So who's gonna win?"
Ale: "Us!"
Carlos: "Jim!"

I guess the power of old age is well known in the studio, hehe.

johnnyjustice said...

Dig the view outside the studio =)

wilson said...


Hey Jim thank YOU man!
regards from Brazil!

GoingNuckinFuts said...

I laugh whenver I hear someone mention the time in the "5 minutes just passed" and Im sitting here thinking wth...5 minutes and you got all that done? also cinsidering how you guys still go on strong with those "distractions" all over you hah. Anyways I just thought how it was real cool and interesting where and how you guys started to ink the pieces.

wilson said...

one question what music are you guys listening?

Gelatomettista said...

Dan the Man--try using a different browser or update the one you have to the latest iteration.

Chuckeedee said...

... damn camera adding ten pounds!!! ....uhhh, or 20!!!
Heheh, I gotta lay off those damn delicious pastries!!! (^_^)

... sniff sob sniff ... and to think that not too long ago I was doing 80+ mile mountain bike races. Looking at my bike now brings a single tear to my eye, heheh.

... hmhhh, what do we listen to here at the studio? what DON'T we listen to!

The new 'System of Down' album gets some heavy rotation lately (along with the old ones), Rich and I play "Mars Volta" and "At the Drive In" regularly, umhhh, 'Interpol','The Faint',' The Rapture', 'Goldfrapp', along with old 'faithfulls' like 'Radiohead', 'Soundgarden', 'Alice in Chains', 'TOOL'. I personally like A LOT of 'trip-hop' and brit' electronica like: 'Massive Attack', 'Portishead', 'Krudder and Dorfmeister', 'Hooverphonic', 'Tosca', 'Gustavo Cerati', 'Thievery Corporation'. etc etc, waaaay too many damn artist to name 'em all (^_^)


elbobarino said...
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elbobarino said...

Awesome stuff. I wish I could do that for a living. It looks like both inkers are using pigma microns. Is that something you would use to do a professional page, or just for quick stuff?

Chapolin said...

Hey what about those black tables?
Very cool.
I believe my old desk with blue plastic is way off.

Chapolin said...

hey I use Pigma for almost everything,but you gonna have a hard time to erase the pencils because it use to fade.
Let´s see what Sandra have to say about it. Wow she´s so FuPIIIIIIIIIIIII

Tanis of Evermore said...

anyone know what song is on vid one of part one. Its in my head now and I must know. ahhhhh

icemanx62 said...

Jim inking with Rob Zombie blasting. Great stuff guys. Keep them coming.

sedat said...

hey carlos,
you guys should get you some fine hip hop cds too. i bet you ll find some nice ones on the west coast ;)
id always go for some good ol 2pac,
dr.dre etc.

i love the videos, its just so much fun to see you guys working over there. it kinda feels funny to see Jim on the videos too, since i was lucky enough to meet him last year it was like a "go hit em straight jim" feeling ...haha

also its nice to finally see Rich too, because usually i would only see him on some small photos on the web or read his threads here and at his redcircle group.

Hope that i will be able to do that stuff for a living too someday.

Greetings from cold old germany :)

General Chang said...

Spam Bots make me sad.
Ale made me laugh.
Longer clips are good.
We need more Sandra on this blog.

Gelatomettista said...

Song from clip 1 is "People who died" by Jim Carroll. Download it from itunes and do Mr. Carroll a favor.


Gelatomettista said...

Sedat, was bedeudet "go hit it straight" ich hab das nicht gut verstanden.

Hier ist das Wetter fantastisch.

Viel Spass!


Tanis of Evermore said...

Thanks Jim

I'll defintely pick up either the CD or the song from itunes.


rraph said...

either you have a kick@$$ stereo system (or speakers, at least. since i saw you played songs from itunes), or the mic on the camera is pretty damn good...

rraph said...

either you have a kick@$$ stereo system (or speakers, at least. since i saw you played songs from itunes), or the mic on the camera is pretty damn good...

sedat said...

hey Jim,
hehe nice to hear from you :) in germany we say "immer drauf los, Jim!" some sort of "go jim go" i thought that would be a nice translation. seems like it wasnt :D

cant wait to see you this year again (at Frankfurt) you really made me a happy guy at Erlangen. I hope you liked the Batman picture ive sent you this year.

btw. the weather here in Germany is absolutely sh!tty ;)


Inkblotz said...

ARRGHHHH!!!!!!!! I need my JIMtv.

Can't wait for the new set of vids :)