Monday, August 08, 2005

Chicago-con 2005

Chicago-con 2005
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After three days of continuous drinking, and no sleep, I have finally returned home from Chicago's Wizardworld show. From the begining, where I arrived in Chicago at 12:25, after a long day of waiting standby, I wandered into the Wildstorm panel, which started at 12:30, 20 minutes late. We announced Skye Runner, gave a few tidbits of info (I'll go more into specifics with my next post). The response seemed pretty enthusiastic! Although I know the true madness will start as soon as I start showing you guys exactly what I'm up to :) !

I stayed true to my commission thoughts, I did one, and that was more than enough, lol! I did however go crazy for my fans at the DC booth! Giving them what I considerd some pretty nice sketches, heh. Gotta say, the interaction with you guys is a ton of fun! After that the weekend became a whirlwind of Jack Daniels, and hotel room antics.

Jim and I shared a room, and threw a little get together that got pretty packed. I'm sure there were some crashers, but either way it was still all good fun. Also quite the little comic book celebrity shindig. From Frank Miller to Marc Silvestri, to Brian Azzarello, Francis Manupul, Jill Thompson, and our very own Jim Lee, it was a blast! Especially when all us art types started cranking out sketches! Jim, Marc, and Frank all did amazing doodles! Even I was in fanboy heaven, lol! Good, good times!

Hopefully next year we can all make it out! Other than that I was also excited to get home and get working again. So much in fact that I drew a page on the plane, lol. So with that I have to get back to work again, and boy does it sound exciting!

"shimmy" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Nick Mueller said...

I had a lot of fun at the convention, got a chance to meet Ale and Jim lee (Me and my friends were running around with a camera).

Just wanted to say thanks to Jim and Ale ^_^
Hope I can see you guys again at Wizards 2006

Heidi MacDonald said...

Your little room party was definitely one of the wackiest I've been to! Another comic book legend is born.

Press Oblivion said...

Man, I really wish that I could have been there.

Those are some nice pics!

Johnny said...

On this first photo are Ale and Jayson Meves? I thought He cut His hear. He gotlong once agian. O, man, I'm filling right now like I would be on some silly girly forum, sia ba da.

johnnyjustice said...

Nice "behind the scene shots of Frank =)

Yano said...

It was great to see you at the con! I was all giddy that you recognized me. Looked around for you later on in the con so I could ask for a sketch, but couldn't find you. But it sounds like you had an awesome time. Hope to see you again next year!

Matt said...

Sounds great! Too bad I missed it. Hopefully next time around.


I'm excited to see more about S.R.

Johnny said...

I found this site:

"Ninja Boy" have only six issues? I was thinking that there were more. I've got only four issues- company which was reprinted this in Poland "died" before issue 5. I was watching at them a few days ago and when I read about new series on this blog I wanted to impotred them, yesyesyo

I'm waitin' for next news. I hope noone wpuld have for me some reservations if I would wrote news for my pal's comics-book-site.

Johnny said...

sorry, It could be in next post's comments, sia ba da.