Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Skye Runner exclusive! Who is Skye Runner?


Who is Skye Runner? Well what I'm hoping is that she will become one of comicdoms most beloved hero's. The character herself, she's the kind of girl everyone loves. Although in the story not always by other girls her age. She's a 19 year old girl living with her older sister helping watch over her fiesty little niece and nephew.

They live a peaceful life. It's said that she is the daughter of the land's last great King. The name Skye is hers, the term "Runner" describes her class. See, for Skye her greatest wish growing up was to be a knight, however in her land women are not allowed to act as knights, only as "Runners", sort of a knight's assistant. Often times a Runner will be the one to get thier hands dirty while the knights get the credit.

Skye however has a secret. A secret that will show her to be far more special than any knight. She is of course the story's main focus and we will see her grow into someone far greater than even she could ever had imagined.

My notes: Really when Allen and I were sitting down thinking of the kind of character we wanted to create we knew we wanted to come up with someone really cool! We wanted her to be vulnerable, and at the same time strong. Someone compassionate, humorous, but also strong in her opinions.

Growing up, my favorite comics were the ones with characters you could relate to. So with Skye we really strived to create a persona that not only girls could relate to, but boys also. Did we succeed? Only time will tell. I think if you enjoyed Nakio from Ninja Boy, then Skye will be an instant favorite! Sure as an artist I tried my best to create a visually pleasing character, but I know it takes more than that. Hopefully we can hook you guys in quick ;) !!!

Here's a closer look.




JP Mavinga said...

Props mr G, props. And the crowd goes wild.

Press Oblivion said...

Looking forward to more!

MELLON said...

good to see you're stepping up your game... looking forward to the full book.



Tyler Wilken said...

It kinda reminds me of a Battle Chasers/Ninja Boy feel. Shaping up to be one hell of a book.

meek? said...

A hot young girl disliked by other young girls? Yup... it can't get any more real than that, fa' sho'.

Can't wait for this joint to be released!


Jon Tsuei said...

She definately looks 19 in the headshot but she looks much older in the full body pic, especially how *ahem* "grown" she is. But I'm looking forward to the completed product, I've always enjoyed your style.

stewnami said...

wow! i can't wait to get my hands on this! amazing work ale!


Looks good ale!