Saturday, August 20, 2005

Fantastic Eight

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Saw this FF movie poster the other week and thought Stretcho looked familiar. His pose at least. Haven't caught the flick yet. Any of you manage to check it out? Better or worse than Batman Begins? Better or worse than Catwoman? Better or worse than Sky High? Good movie for kids? Let me know--my movie viewing pleasure hangs in the balance.


mitol said...

Definitely not better than Batman. Anything's better than Catwoman. Haven't seen Sky High yet, but I would say it's ok for kids. They'll enjoy the banter between Johnny and Ben.

epic said...

F4 is an interesting movie to "critique". It's not as good as Batman Begins, it's better than Catwoman, I have no idea about Sky High, and now I'll exxplain this movie to you, Jim. Ok. BB was just a really cool movie, great story, visuals, concept, and it just kicked major ass. It was the kinda movie that blew you away. F4 on the other hand, the story is decent, I was dissapointed with the Doom origin retelling, the visuals were really fucking cool too, but the thing that made it good was that it's completely entertaining. It's just fun. It's not a long movie but it doesn't feel "too" short. It's just a damn enjoyable ride. I say you should go see it. The best thing was that my hopes weren't too high going into it, so I literally had next to nothing to get possibly let down about. Just keep an open mind and your eyes open, you'll like it. I promise.

ArtisPhilosophy said...

Jim i just found this site it's a great resource for aspiring artists such as myself. I had the pleasure of meeting you at Wizard world Chicago it was really a memorable moment. Anyway I cant give enough kudos but back to the FF movie. It's a great movie that is both fun and well paced. It's not as good as Batman begins and it should not even be mentioned in the same breath as catwoman. It really captures the various characteristics and powers of the members of FF well. The only thing i can say i did not really like about the movie was the changes they made to doom's origin. I don't know How it got lost in translation but it was a bit dissappointing because I'm a fan of Dr.DOOM he's one of the best villains in Marvel.

Neo said...

You aint seen it, shame on you :-) It was rated as a PG kids film and I took the kids and thought they did a great job. Loved the FX esply the torch. I loved the way that Doom gets his powers, it made him a more convinving foe for 4 people who are superhuman.
Go see it!

Vince said...

the first thing I thought when I was sitting in the theater was : " damned , what am I doing here , since there's War of the world in the other side ? " . what you got to know is in France , the publicity has sell the movie as a comedy , which isn't exactly cool .
Seeing the movie was a great surprise , without being batman begins , after all , the two worlds are different , it was a fine movie with humour that really made me thought of Lee and Kirby ,the first part had some reminiscences with YOUR Fantastic Four : the shuttle , the first time we see Johnny , and some other thing during the movie ,so it was a good time for me , lighter than the other movies , but the book is lighter too , the only bad thing is the battle scene of the end of the movie , TOO SHORT !!!!! damn , we're talking about an action flick ! one other battle scene would've been great !Maybe with ading an other vilain ...
AS for the poster , don't think too much IT IS CLEARLY INSPIRED from your poster , even the rocks are on the same place ! lol !

To finish , when I was back at home I wanted to read a comic book of The Fantastic Four ( I know , I am a geek ), so I picked the Jim lee and Brandon Choi comic book to follow the movie , strange , no ?

nohoohboy said...

FF is not as good as Batman, nothing is as crappy as Catwoman, and I didn't see Sky High. I guess it's more or less the origin movie, but not done as well as Spiderman 1 or X-Men. It's pretty simple, and I wasn't that entertained as other comic movies. The real reason to watch it is for Jessica Alba. Oh and I say the Dodgers take the division. :)

Hassan T said...

Never saw Sky High or Catwoman. FF is not a great movie, but ok. Batman Begins blew it away.

What was interesting is that my wife (who doesn't read comics) enjoyed the movie more than I did. Also I hear from friends who took their kids to the movie said that their kids loved the movie. (My kids are 2 and 4, therefore too young to this type of movie).

BTW, this isn't the first time Marvel copied art to make a movie poster. I think Campbell's cover to Amazing Spider-man 50 was also used a movie poster.

cadam said...

I wish the Thing would have been treated with the same attention to detail that Spiderman was rendered with. Everyone knows the Thing isn't a human made of rock. He's a series of rock "orbs." They really missed the mark on that one. I was also alarmed when Reed conceeds to Jessica Alba "No more thinking." Women rule this world, not men. How is that comic books came to be the regular site of provocative commentary on marriage, freedom, God?

Scott Forbes said...

That poster is Fan Made. I think a guy named 'Barney' on SHH! forums made it.

The movie is entertaining but don't expect tit o be a Batman Begins. I enjoyed it :)

djsupes said...


I'll give you $20 to go to Paradise Comics Comic Con '06 :)

The Edge said...

Fantastic Four was pretty bad. Obviously Jessica Alba is always entertaining to watch and the special F/X were great. But the story and the movie on a whole was pretty forgetable.
One of my biggest complaints was you had no concern for the characters at all. The movie rushed through their backstory and you were never really sure of why you should care what happens to these people. Dr. Doom was especially FLAT!
I was never really supported of a Fantastic Four movie in the first place. I love the comic but I never though it would translate well to the big screen. It was definitly not even in the same category as Batman Begins which was possibly the summers best film. I refused to see Catwoman on the basis that I had a really good feeling it was going to be really bad. I do think FF was probably better than catwoman though. I hear Sky High is a really fun movie for both adults and children, but I have yet to see it.
I saw the Skeleton Key last night. It was pretty creepy but not nearly as messed up as the Ring or the Grudge. I think my imagination made the skeleton key more scary than it actually was.

rraph said...

FF is not nearly as good as batman, and on a different planet from spiderman or x-men....
it's entertaining, and you don't get too bored, but the story is as flat and shallow as it gets

Toyfiend said...

i must say that the movie was actually quite good. still have not seen Batman yet, but I am sure no where near as good as BB, from what i hear. I thought that the story was fairly well done. even the origin... to be honest, the origin of the 4 was actually kinda slow anyway, and to retell the origin and jazz it up too much would be wrong. I actually liked Doom. It still played on his blame of Reed for the failure and played even further on his ego. They still mentioned Latveria and his being from there, they just did not have him ruler there... yet. definately not to the speed and calibur of the "x" movies, or Spider-man, but that is because those comics are always bigger anyway... IMHO the biggest seller to F4 was/is/and always will be the art (other than the Onslaught/Heroes Reborn jazz). the story always was a little bland and predictable to me. There was not as much personal conflict (other than Thing) as the other heroes and that has to translate onto the screen as well... well... anyway, I have blabbed on too far already. later.

The Hypergeek said...

The movie was completely and utterly disappointing. The one actor I thought I'd hate the most, Mr. Fantastic, I ended up liking the most.

Thing looked fake as hell. Horrible execution on that one. Johnny Storm was good, most like the comic than any of the others, but i just don't like the character very much. Sue Storm... she's not a little latina hottie the last time I checked out the book, and it just didn't work for the movie at all. Sue's a woman of power and intellect, and this one was pouty powerless unless it came to wagging her butt in the right direction.

But Mr. F, besides for the special effects, was done fairly well. Especially how he's closed off everything else in his life for the pursuit of science.

Dr. Doom - crap, crap, crap. Lame... and TOO EASY TO DEFEAT!!! It was a two -our movie with a five minute finale that completely blew.

I won't be buying it on DVD.

Philip Looney said...

Not better than Batman, but a really fun flick. As good as the first X-Men movie to me. My 8 year old sister-in-law liked it a lot, so there's the kids question for ya.


Fun like candy, not good for you, and you might regret it afterwards, but fun.

icemanx62 said...

Fun movie. No where near as good as Batman Begins.

Riki said...

Umm, Jessica Alba isn't Latina... kinda ignorant of you, don't you think?

I thought FF4 was a damn enjoyable ride. Was very well worth my tickets, because it delivered exactly what I was looking for: mindless fun ride.

TLG said...

It was not bad. Structurally everything was there. However it wasn't nearly as awesome as Batman Begins. It felt a lot like they were just going through the motions of making a superhero film, versus actually being passionate about the material. Anything's better than Catwoman tho ;) Still--I had a fun night seeing it with my sister (who's seen it like three times now, I might add). My husband still hasn't seen it yet because I can't part with the 2 hrs to see it again (or don't want to)--however i'm more than willing to toss away 3 hrs and the drive to the IMAX to see Batman Begins on sunday nights :)

bat2supe said...

FF movie? not on the same level as Batman,Spider-man or X-Men but better than lot others.

In fact, don't expect to see the kind of personnal interaction that you see in BB or character pychologic stuffs in this one(i know u said that you love them more & more).Just take a look at the Thing story(Ridiculous & lack LACK of development).

His only ambition is to entertain and to be a nice movie.

There are also a lot a differences with the comic.

Indeed, after all that dark movies(Star Wars III, War of the worlds & Batman Begins), it's pretyty enjoyable to see that kind of movie.

The Torch- Thing relationship is well done with great humour: positive.

BUT: the stretcho- Invisible love story didn't convinced me because they treated it like it was natural that this characters fell in love without developping it to much.

AND,AND some special fx just don't fix (The thing, even if i was catch when he was in action, there is allways that fake flavour concerning him, the Mr. Fantastic powers are ok but could be better)

The better character is the torch & he is kind of no-psychology character only here to have fun & that's what he did & what works the most in the movie.

I think the only thing that prejudice the movie is the 100 million budget when most of recent blockbusters have higher budget( the batman movie was budgeted 135- 150 million$) when you see the kind of fx they need in a FF movie.
Think that a CGI thing could work better like a Smirgol
character or for those who remind the alien server in Star War II a bulkie alien.
Plus, the director is not as talented as a Raimy , a Singer or a Nolan are( just take a look at the photography of the movie).

So i would give it a 5/10 rate & like said one of my friend "Where the hell is the fantastic in that movie???".

But don't be depressed, it's a cool movie not boring at all + it's a fun movie.

Not too long.

Wobbly said...

Hi, I'm the fellow who made that poster (my name is Mark and I post over at the SHH Boards as 'Wobbly') and I'd just like to say Mr. Lee's great poster was one of the references I sourced when making mine (which is a heavy mix of photo-manipping and photoshop 'painting').

As for the film...Could have been a lot better but was entertaining enough in itself.
It seems a lot was cut-out (especially with Alicia) and Doom was very poorly handled, but I thought the FF themselves were done ok character wise, but the Things suit never realy looks exactly like what it is...a guy in a rubber suit. I think of a mix of Live action with a CGI makeover on Ben would have worked better there (kinda like what WETA did with Gollum).
The FX on the Torch were damn near perfect though, imo.

Nosey said...

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