Wednesday, August 10, 2005

... bucket head?!?

... bucket head?!? Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.
(entry: Carlos)

... again, I have NO idea why I never tried this before, BUT I had the 'bright' idea of doing an 'google' image search on my own work (in the attempt of finding some past con'sketches and commissions) and VOILA!!! I found some (^_^) ... I can't remember where I did this, but it might have been here in San Diego.

I have no idea why drawing Galactus is so much fun (for me at least), maybe 'cause if you really look at the design, he's pretty goofy looking, but for whatever reason, whenever a character has such a predominant BIG shape implemented in the design, it just works (probably something subconscious?) ... if not, just look at the ALIEN, or Arzach, Hellboy, E.T. Wolverine's mask, etc etc.

... some of my favorite designers. even movie directors for that matter, are GREAT at playing with shapes (look at any Kubrick film, specially 'Space Odyssey'), and more recently, Chris Cunningham and David Fincher. I think that's why the "CAPCOM" work was so popular, it's just all big, cool shapes. ALIEN I think is one of those movies that you can just study for ages as far as design goes, even the 'space suits' were big'ole shapes.

... all this just boils down to 'graphic design' I think, and just making sure that the 'eye' has a pretty easy time 'reading a shape', and this applies to photography, painting, sculpting, drawing, etc etc etc ... and speaking of shapes, I wish I would have exaggerated 'THE THING' a lot more ... oh well, next time :)




Johnny said...

Great work! One of the best picture I've seen last time, yesyesyo.

Doug said...

You should see the rest of Jim Demonakos' FF sketch book! (New Image PR guy and great organizer of the Emerald City Con's.) He has 4 pages of Bruce Timm and a terrific double page Erik Larsen. Carols' has always been one of my favs in the book.

Tyler Wilken said...

I've seen you draw Galactus a few times now and I must say. It looks very clean. And I think you are right, our eyes are always drawn to the "big cool shapes"


Johnny said...

Me? I should? I want, but you know how it is, sia ba da. You talk about the same Jim Demonakos of Savage Dragon's web site? I was writing an article 'bput Erik Larsen for some e-zin and Jim help me, but someone gave not last version of text to the zin, $#!+.

technogreek said...

Hey Carlos - Yeah, you did this for me a couple years ago in San Diego and it's one of my favorites. It's all Moebius crazy, I love it.

For the rest of you guys, yup, same Jim Demonakos, check out the rest of the FF sketches here




But it's scary when you put in your name and you see yourself on someone's web cam and it shows you at that time.

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