Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Big Hunk O' Love

A Big Hunk O' Love Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Just to echo Ale's sentiments--thanks for all the enthusiasm for the Metti-Fantasy Publishing League. I signed up and drafted all my creators the other day and am in a league (all will be revealed Monday), ready to show you how it's done--old school style. Anyway, to resume some recent travels...working backwards in time to San Diego Comic Con (will get there soon!)--here we are (still in Vegas) last Saturday night where we surprised some of our friends with a secret ceremony at the Graceland Wedding Chapel! We were there to celebrate as Ale and his wife Carla renewed their wedding vows (after 11 years of marriage and going strong) and Michele and Lara (who just got married 6 weeks back!). After we ate a nice dinner out, we told the unsuspecting couples that we were hitting a show but instead, brought them to this tiny 'church' of love.

Although Ale was in on it, I think even he was genuinely and pleasantly surprised. After we signed the wedding certificates, bought snazzy rings, bouquets, and Elvis sunglasses, Golden Age Elvis made us all cry with his hit "Can't Help Falling in Love." After we dabbed away the tears, he began the service, closing with a rousing medley of all the King's biggest songs including of course--Viva La Vegas. I think Elvis was actually touched by all the love in the room as he sang more songs than originally agreed to and danced with the blushing newly-re-weds.

This was the first time any of us had done this and honestly, I was expecting high cheese but it really was a lot more fun than I had expected. Maybe I will come back for my 20th wedding anniversary (only 4 years off!). OK, maybe not.



I still think it would have been cool if you dressed up like Elvis, Jim.

Tyler Wilken said...

Man, that really is a great picture of you all. Thats one for the photo album.

Carlos Martinez said...

I like how your going backwards
Las Vegas and
San Diego Con
Thanks for the new update, keep them coming.

I agree - great pic.