Thursday, August 25, 2005

... heart attacks and burros.


... hehehe, I'm in trouble (^_^) ... I signed up for a 70+ mile race in three or four weeks, and I am SOOOOOO out of shape, which means that in the next four weeks, I have to squeeze in all the riding I haven't done in something close to a year, and try and get in at least half-decent shape (not impossible). I went for a 15 mile ride today and I came back home 'near-dead', hehehe, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.

Anyway, speaking of biking and racing, I did this 'team jersey' design for the group I used to ride with back in Texas (I had originally joined the group for the noblest of reasons, a very very cute girl used to ride with them! :) ) Some of the guys in the team were totally nuts (specially that girl), at night they'd be drinking like crazy (I'm talking tequila shot after tequila shot) , and the next morning they'd be racing and winning medals (hence the drinking jackass on the jersey). Pretty damn good team, I miss racing with those bastards.

I tried getting some of the guys at the studio to ride with me here in San Diego (even had an extra bike with ALL the equipment), but (ahem) without saying any names, they pretty much ALL wussed out ... wussies!!! (^_^)


meek? said...

70+ miles? 8o

G'luck, dude! I'd love to accomplish somethin' like that one day. Awesome design!!


Vince said...

Be careful man ! and have fun !

johnnyjustice said...

Hey Carlos, don't fret! I went from strictly doing weightlifting and no cardio to being a triathlete in less than 3 months - it's not impossible in the least! It's like anything else: you'll get back in the shape you were in (and hopefully better) with a little time and a lot of consistency.

I can forward some links/info on awesome plans that will have everyone eating dust so lemme know =)

Take care and good luck with the training!


Chuckeedee said...

... hell yeah Dude, send me those links!!! you can never have enough info regarding training and all that crap.

I've done this kinda stuff before, so I'm not too concerned with it, I guess the biggest diferece is the fact that I haven't raced in about a year, so I just kinda' let myself go and now I have to make up for lost time. It'll be fun though, and again, thanks for offering those plans (^_^)


Dentedbucket said...


Hey man just hit the weights and get some cardio in on top of the riding. Hockey has been much easier since I started weights and some cardio in April.

By the way I lost your e-mail address and I have 2 Frazetta posters for you. Send me a note when you can.(



Jon Tsuei said...

Go Carlos! Show those wussies who's the best athelete at Wildstorm, hehe. Good luck on your race when it comes around.

johnnyjustice said...

You know, I just re-read your post and I was thinking the whole time that you had stated 3-4 MONTHS, lol

Oh well, a couple of links that I have found extremely helpful to me (at least in the area of triathlon training) are:

and (this one has some really good plans from your newbie to the seasoned IronMan)

Oh well, considering that you already are a cyclist you shouldn't have any problems with the upcoming race.

What kind of bike do you ride? I ride a Specialized w/Ultegra components (we all can't make the big bucks ya'll make @ WS, lol)as my road bike and a Giant as my MTB.

BTW if you really want to get a "leg up" come over here to Louisiana where the humidity is 120% even at 5:30 in the in this weather could make anyone an athlete =)

Best of luck!

missleman said...

What kind of bike you got?