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Skye Runner (exclusives!)

Skye Runner (exclusives!)
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So to get this party started right I figured I'd start what will hopefully become a long line of Gelatometti Skye Runner exclusive peeks!

Where did this project start? Well, ever since Ninja Boy came to an end it seemed like there were endless requests for more. What many don't know, is that in the Ninja Boy tpb we added two pages. Two pages which showed that Nakio had in fact not died, and was in fact just beaten really badly. Jurojin, the healer he was in search of actually came to find him when he did not show up. She healed him, and so our story begins. Did we intentionally do this from the very begining? The answer is yes. Both Allen (Warner) and I knew this was going to lead into a new bigger story. So, fast forward about four years, and Jim asks me, "So, how're we gonna bring Ninja Boy back?". The answer, enter Skye Runner.

You see the three of us knew we wanted to re-explore Ninja Boy's world and what better way than through the eyes of a beautiful young female lead. Who just happens to exist on the opposite end of Ninja Boy's world, lol. So yes, with this new title we are rentering the world of Nakio, Sake, Kura, and yes even the evil Mikaboshi, and Zensho. How soon will we see the world most of you are familiar with? Probably not for a while. Hints will be dropped from the beginning for those in the know. But really what we are trying to do is introduce you all to a cast of characters even better than the ones you know. Ones that hopefully overtime you will all grow to love and care for.

If Ninja Boy had one thing, it had heart. Heart is something Allen, and I both push to inject into all of what we do. So, Skye Runner. Where it is and what it's become is more than just about anything Allen, Jim or I ever could've imagined. Not only in story but in the creative team assembled. Rich Friend, and Cris Walker are each among tops in thier fields without a doubt! Also as creative advisors we have Brian Azzarello in to keep tabs on the story, and the man Jim Lee himself to look over the art!

With this post I just wanted to wet your guys's noodles on how this new project came to be. In future posts we will explore individual characters, maps of this new world, and eventually even an original backstory that I am going to create solely for our little blog here. So keep an eye out, I'm hoping you all will enjoy this little ride we're about to take and please, feel free to post your thoughts along the way :)

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RichardFriend said...

I've seen the art so far. This book is going to rock.


it's true though and I hate when people say this but I think this might be the best book Ale' and I have done and luckily we're doing it together which makes it even cooler when you can work with a good friend and produce something that you can be proud of. That makes it extra special.

Allen Warner is a great writer too. The stuff has it all. This book is going to be all killer and no filler.



Press Oblivion said...

This sounds like a lot of Fun!

I'm really looking forward to the "Original Backstory" Gelatometti Blog Exclusive that Ale mentioned! I know it's going to be sweet!

rightsvault said...

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kampilanWil said...

Hey Ale, yeah I seem to remember you pointing out that lil' Ninja Boy bit in the new PH4 sketchbook but just now caught onto it. Looks pretty sweet. Kinda like an Imperial Guard/Starjammer thing? Not really sure but isn't there already an indie comic series called "SkyRunner" though?

Gabe_Eltaeb said...


I was upset that you left Batgirl. But now I'm glad you did because we will get this. I'm also looking forward to your issue of The intimates (I hear that is the final issue.) That sucks because the intimates is one of the most unique books on the market I'll be sad to see it go.

More Skye Runner pics soon please!


Johnny said...

Is it possible to show some part of final script, when it would be possible? I hope sth like this are existing, hehehe.
And question: how many tpbs have "Ninja Boy", sia la la?

Ale Dangerous said...

as to some of your questions... the name skye runner was available, so yay! there is one ninja boy tpb, "faded dreams" . and yes, more art soon!


meek? said...

Consider my noodle wetted. lol... ewww... excitin' stuff! Great character designs. I like Glyph and Gor in particular and am curious about Omar. :D

Looks like I'll be investin' in Ninja Boy trades! :]

And yo... did... did we just get spammed? lol!


RichardFriend said...

uhm scared of that 'wet noodles'~!





This book is gonna be sooooooooooooooooo cool. Wait and see....It's great stuff and the art and story are awesome.

Yano said...

Yes! More Ninja Boy! Now I have to dig up my old copies to brush up on the story. It's definitely my favorite works of yours.

Keep us updated!

hseeker said...

Did you go to school for your art Rich? It's damn nice :O - what about the other guys that post on this blog?


Free Sneak peaks and Insider Info @

Masik said...

Ale, I'll draw a poster pin-up for Skye Runner for free and maybe some Jim Lee ice cream.


Inkblotz said...

This looks very cool. I am really happy to see Fantasy Comics making a comeback.

RichardFriend said...

I am self-taught to the extent that I became a "professional" artist on my own. Since then and even before I tried to use everything I could to improve. I study constantly.

Working around professionals can be helpful but it's also not for everyone and some artists hate working around other artists...depends on your personality. You have to have a level of inner strength and self confidence in your ability and/or vision. Or you can really get messed's like something pulling you 100 different ways and everyone has a "valid" opinion.

I am always shifting gears and trying new things that I feel I either need to learn or that I want to get good at. I am just about to go a different direction than people have seen. It's coming very soon.... It's all leading to one place but I am the only one who's really aware of what my long term goals are with my art...I think it will be fun to watch for anyone who likes my stuff so far.

lots of surprises that's all I can say.

Plus.....hey I am inking Ale' for a while...that's pretty cool and I hope a testimony to how good I think this book is going to be. I needed to ink for a steady income at least until the baby is a little older. I liked inking Dustin because of the simplicity.....But this book to me is all about the art. I have seen more and more of the new pages, and I think Ale' and I are really going to feed off each other and do something really killer.

Like I said. This could be the best thing I've ever inked if we pull this off right. That's pretty high praise and trust me I am about as honest as a person can be. I don't say something's good if I don't think it is.

we will see.....won't we?



meek? said...

ricH: Ale made me write it. :D

Yano: You're hot. :]

missleman: You're a hoot & a holler! lol