Monday, August 01, 2005

Links and Rechts

Links and Rechts Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Been swamped with work this weekend. Going to take a breather here to link to a couple of pertinent sites with interviews and pictures from various Metti-events. First up is an interview of me by super- duper talented artist Bryan Hitch. It's part of the Millarworld online magazine and can be found here.

Ignore the few typos--as I told Hitchy--I thought he asked some very interesting and probing questions. Eek--shouldn't use the word 'probing' and Bryan Hitch in the same sentence...

Someday soon I will be returning the favor and asking Bryan all the questions everyone wanted to ask but was too lazy to ask. In fact, if any of you have some really interesting to ask of the Ultimates' artist, post them in the comments below and I very well may use them. Anyway, the pic they ran is so old even I can't remember where it's from. Pretty sure it was during the early Image days and was at a store signing.

Next up, is a link to James Sime of the Isotope's site. Many of you may recall a bunch of the Mettistas did a store signing just the other week, and he has some trippy (and normal pics) up at his site. You can find them here and here!

Last but not least, drop by Newsarama in the next couple of days for an interview where I talk a bit about my upcoming run on WildCats with none other than Grant Morrison! If you're in the Chicago area, I also did an interesting interview (and photoshoot from when I was at the Isotope) which will appear in the Chicago edition of Time Out magazine in advance of Wizard World Chicago.

Check it!


Vittorio said...

Links don't work,Jim....

Gelatomettista said...

Yeah I know...I have to go back in and edit the garbled html after I email them to flickr to get posted on the site. Primitive but it allows everyone to post to the site from their respective homes without worrying about too much html.


Jack Smith said...


i just want to say congratulations for going back and doing WildCats. i have lived and died with WildCats literally in the comics world. i started with marvel but followed the creators to image. when you left, i was mesmerized by travis charest. and when WildCats got erratic, i left the comics world for 8 years!

i think your initial 13 issues or so were some of my fav works and what i associate you with. i also loved to see travis grow into a average into great artist. (unfortunately it also made me dislike alan moore as i felt he was a terrible choice for WC)

anyway, i am glad you took on this project. i hope you have fun and revive the universe back to it's full potential!

eddie scrafton said...

And while checking out the Hitch/Lee interivew in the Millarworld mag be sure to check out the REM gig review in the Features section...

What Jim's the only person who can pimp his stuff?:)

(And Jim,really looking forward to the Wildcats run by you and Grant).


I can't wait to see you back on wild cats, you have really grown as an artist since you were last on the book and it will be great to see how you handle the characters again.

Sam Out-

Kateness said...

Wow, returning to Wildcats...I can't wait. :-) I mean, no offense, but it'll be so nice to see some new work from you that isn't on a book involving capes (though now you'll probably give a cape to Spartan or someone just to spite me). ;-P

Ryan said...

Was wondering when you yourself would confirm/deny that rumour which surfaced about two weeks ago and then was confirmed in Wizard last week. All the more, I must say that I started collecting comic books seriously right around the time Image was formed. Having followed you from X-Men to Wild C.A.T.S, there's a certain nostalgia which I feel for the latter to hear you're coming back to it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Some nice pictures from the Isotope event. I have never seen a store with the same design and atmosphere. The store kinda gives comic books a fashionable/chic appeal.

Your interview with Bryan Hitch was certainly know that there are artists out there who are really in it for the love of the medium, rather than looking at comic books as a stepping stone. It is certainly evident in the panels & pages you produce that you really have a deep love to draw, and I as a fan appreciate it.

Be seeing you in Chicago!


PS. Come to the PCTC! "The Man" is coming next year!

Jon Tsuei said...

Hey Jim, Jon here (You know, the Anchor Steam guy?). Just wanted to say thanks again for coming out to San Francisco and doing the signing at Isotope. It was a great time and I really appreciate the time you took with my friends and I, let alone everyone who showed up that night.

Also thanks for that shot of Tequila! I never got to ask you what kind it was, but it was a good choice, hehe. I'll have to return the favor next time. Looking forward to seeing you again to get another part of that sketch done, thanks again Jim.


P.S. You should ask Bryan Hitch what kind of alcohol he prefers to drink with his fans, lol.

antonio said...

Congratulation Jim!!!
And the best to you!!


Tyler Wilken said...

Dude from the second Isotope link 7 pic's down! Thats me. Thats what I get for wearing a sweet green polo. Being the easyest guy to spot out. Other than the hippy guy in the green monster shirt.