Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Spawn 150 cover COLORED!

Spawn 150 cover INKED! Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Colors by the incredible Brian Haberlin. Look how he separates all the detail and elements using just the minimal right of colors. Note the subtle renderings on the tendrils near the bottom center of the page. Adds texture without busying up the already intense piece. He put cool blues in the foreground to frame the hot, warm tones on Spawn himself establishing depth and color vibrancy.

Makes it really sing...don't it?


meek? said...

That's a stunna'!! It reminds me o' the DC Trinity vs. Doomsday clones cover/poster you drew not too long ago for a Superman/Batman issue.

Not a MacFarlane fan so I honestly can't remember the last time Spawn looked this fresh. Excellent job all around... from the pencils to inks to colors. Amazin'.


bat2supe said...

Pretty amazing to see how easy it seems to come when you have to draw a character.

Making a great drawning & a true interpretation of the character.
Just 1 question:
Is there a character you can't draw or draw in pain & blood in order to make him look great?

So , is there a rebel to your style in the world of comic's characters?
(rebels must be destroyed ;p)

HOPE YOU WILL ANSWER ME!! :) & that's why it's allways a pleasure when it comes to check out the news at the blog.

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Vince said...

you said everthing on your post Jim ! it is true that all the base for coloring are here the fact that the sky is in warm color and the front in cold color add the way the eye goes to Spawn ! A simple thing but a great rendition

Ryan said...

It's kinda funny...I've just been viewing Brian's "Digital Art Tutorials", thinking I might try my hand at some colouring...and I'm starting to visualize some of Brian's techniques unfold in this piece. I can grasp where he laid down his flats, how he chose certain colours and where to place them, and how he can accentuate certain aspects of the art without detracting from others (as you mentioned Jim).

The piece really does "sing" Jim. Amazing how far colouring has come in only about 10-15 years. Interestingly enough, I think the Image guys had a lot to do with popularizing computer colouring. The Big Two were forced to match the production quality of art that almost all of the Image books were renowned for.

PS. Sorry for the "u"s, it's a Canadian thing

Salix said...

This piece has a lot of energy. I can't believe Spawn is still around after all these years. Even though I don't follow the story, the artwork has always been great to look at.

Tyler Wilken said...

I agree with Salix. They have done a great job with keeping Spawn, Spawn. They have picked the perfect artists to keep him looking awesome over the years.


Ariel Aguire said...

I actually still collect and enjoy Spawn very much (since issue #1!!! I was there when Image started) and I can honestly say that Jim is TOTALLY way up there in the list of Spawn artists; the only ones to ever match how good this looks are Todd and Greg Capullo himself.

Never been crazy 'bout Angel Medina, he's not bad, but I can't totally get into his art, nor any of the other fill-in artists Spawn's had, not even the one issue Marc Silvestri did way back when.

As stated above, Jim pretty much pointed out everthing about the color, so I'll just say that it's an excellent, top-notch coloring job by one of the true color wizards of the industry who continues to rock on a daily basis. Go Brian!

Anyway, this 3-step piece really shows exactly how much each artist adds and contributes to a piece, thank you so much for sharing these with us, Jim!

I'd been anxiously waiting for weeks to see yours, ever since I learned you'd be doing a cover, and DAMN you sure kicked ass here!!!! I can't imagine any of the other covers turing out as awesome as this one. Kudos all around to the entire art team, GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!

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monsanto said...

flatting that piece was just awesome! Go boss Brian! You guys rock as always!

il matta said...

Amazing 'n cooool! I found up only today this site! It's just in my favourites and linked in my blog!
See you soon at Agricantus (Palermo) Jim!

ps: i'm reading just now your Superman's issues with Brian. Wonderful. And sorry for my italenglish...