Wednesday, August 03, 2005


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Hey guys, just wanted to pop in give a quick sh-zout! Heading to Chicago iin a couple days so I might not get a chance to post again. Looks like the fantasy league is gonna do great! We're all really excited to have it. I took part in the test league and it was a blast!

I figure by the time I ge tback from Chicago I'll have some interesting things to talk about. Also we plan on doing the Iron Chef tag team battle ramma after Jim and I get back. Also I have to finalize a month of battles where we take on a rival studio. Culminating in two of comics biggest names going at it!

Other than that enjoy my pic. Bet you guys didn't know Jim had a ice cream delivery service ;), peassss......

"talkin f&*$$n Lee!" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Tyler Wilken said...

"I had a friend named Lee, he cast a spell, a spell on me!"

Sweet Ale, have fun in Chi Town. The tag team sounds awesome.


Man couldn't you just see his driveway open like the
X-Mens lawn and the Ice Cream truck come thundering out to the tune of "Turkey and the Straw".

Victor said...

Great news, looking forward to the iron chef battle rama.