Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Updates... dadoo, dadoo...

Updates... dadoo, dadoo...
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I wanted to come on and get reminded by the winner of our last contest what exactly he wanted me to draw, lol. Sorry for the delay, but I got caught up in crap. Also a quick update on our art battles. We're hoping to get some started next week. We're gonna kick off another 4-5 weeks worth of battles with a tag team battle involving us four monkees. Look for more Skye Runner exclusives next week also!

As to the doodles above? Rich was asking about the X-men today, so I decided to post a couple commisions I've done in the past, enjoy!



Press Oblivion said...

You guys really kill me when you use terms like "doodles" and "Sketches". This is some serious shizznit here! Finished art! It would take me hours to get to this level of quality.

Incredible work Ale. Yu-zzz got skillzzzzz KID!Damn!

Tyler Wilken said...

Hey Ale no big deal. I had just assumed with the new book and con season you would be pretty damn buisy. Anywho, I'm thinking either a sweet Wally West Flash or Captain Cold. I really can't decide so I'll leave it up to you. You can just E-mail me at if ya have any questions. Thanks again Ale


icemanx62 said...

Cool sketch Ale.

Neo said...

Hi Ale
Loce the pic! Quick question? How do you apply the tones/shading on your art? Is it with a brush and some kinda wash?
I'm doing some portraits of the kids in our families and using charcoal for tones but would like to try what you're doing.
Check out the 2 I've done

Thanks for any help


I like your wolverine.

John said... that Marvel Girl!!