Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sittin' here keepin it real...


So it's about 4 am, whew! Gotta say I love my job! I've been drawing since about 1 in the afternoon and I'm still wanting to go! Also I just happened to crank out the first page of my new project! Yay! I know it seems as if I haven't said much about it but trust me, I'm just holdoin' off a bit. We plan on doing a formal announcement at next week's Wiz Chicago show. After that you my fans will get a definite behind the scenes peek at the process behind creating a new series! I plan to involve you guys alot!

Also I plan on involving my whole creative team! Writer Allen Warner, artist Rich Friend, and color genius Cris Walker! I'm hoping to get all these guys involved with the blog with this project! It's exciting for me mainly because for the first time Rich and I will combine forces! The result I'm sure will be nothing less than stellar! No worries, I'm excited about the other monkey's too but I've worked with them in the past, lol! Both are top notch talents no doubt!

So keep an eye up! Look for some exciting news in the next week or so! Aside from that here is a commision of Dark Phoenix. Completely off subject I know, but hey I'm holding off on the good stuff ;)

"be cautious" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Neo said...

Hi Ale
That's great news mate :-) Look forward to seeing how it all comes together. Dark Phoenix commission? Wow now thats what I call "a tidy boiler"!!! Beyonce meets Jean Grey...nice.
Laterz Nez

Press Oblivion said...

"Beyonce meets Jean Grey...nice."


Sweet image Ale! I left a response on Calitos' entry that applies to everyone that posts here.

You have incredible talent that really inspires me.

Thanks for sharing.

Jack Smith said...

did you just blow up your own spot before chi-town?


Cow of Pain said...


Can't wait to hear about the new project. I'll stop by and say hi in Chicago...maybe ask for a Batman sketch.

Speaking of sketches, any chance you'll bring along a few of the PH4 sketchbooks or have a chance for a commission for us midwesterners who can't make it out to San Diego?!?

filobetto said...

Very nice Ale, I also will stop by in Chicago. Any idea of what days you will be there? Also, any plans for a Gelatomettista party that we could crash?

Tyler Wilken said...

Ale and Mr. Friend!?!
Now, I'm totally stoked. Chicago needs to hurry up and happen! BTW, great sketch she is lookin quite sexy with that badonkadonk.


Ale Dangerous said...

I love a little junks in the trunk, hehe! And yes I will have Ph4 sketchbooks for sale in artist alley at Alex Sinclair's table, where I will most likely be hanging when I have down time from the DC booth. As to a party? Who knows, lol...



I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

Sam Out-

stewnami said...

hi ale, thanks for showing us the sweet phoenix! can't wait for the news on your new project! is there any chance someone who can't attend chicago or san diego can get one of the ph4 sketchbooks? i wanna go to chicago, but it's just not possible this year.
thanks, and again keep up the amazing art!

RichardFriend said...

This new book we're doing together will be one of my proudest moments as an inker......and if it's not I'll kill Ale'



in all honesty as I saw him getting ready to work with Allen again, I knew it was a book that was something I would really love to work on...I was a little torn. It was one of those things where the quality of the book was going to be so nice you'd feel kind of stupid to not be a part of something you were invited to join up with. I really enjoyed Ale' and Allen's work before and to do something with them will be a great education in the art of what I feel is great comic story telling with flashy exciting art that's as fun to draw as it is to look at.

you really can't go wrong there!

stay tuned for more details!


meek? said...

2 'Metti heads in 1 book? Wooo... fo'get about it. It'll be a definite hit!

And yop... that Dark Phoenix w/ the bootylicious Beyonce body is on fiyah!


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