Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Store Signings Info

Store Signings Info Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Better late than never--a lot of the Gelatometti crew and friends will be doing two store signings this week. The first is today (Wednesday, the 20th of July) at the Isotope located in San Francisco. The signing starts at 7pm and includes:

Jim Lee--artist of All Star Batman and Robin Lee Bermejo--artist of Lex Luthor, Man of Steel Michele Petrucci--writer, artist of Due (Slave Labor) Matteo Casali--writer of Bonerest (Image) and Silent Dance (Slave Labor) Grazia Lobaccaro--artist of Silent Dance

This Saturday, we will be at Alternate Reality Comics in Las Vegas. The store info is:

Alternate Reality Comics 4800 S Maryland Pkwy Ste D Las Vegas, NV 89119-6316 (702) 736-3673

The same crew will be there but joining us will be Carlos D'Anda (Outsiders) and Ale Garza (Batgirl). This signing runs 3-5pm.

Hope to see some of you there. Got lots to say about the con and a few interesting pics. Will load em up when a break presents itself. ONWARD!


Neo said...

Hi Jim
Just wondering?? When you do signings etc, do you get any travel expenses etc? I know your really busy and wondered how they pryze you out from behind the drawing table to do signings on top of all the other things you have to do?
Thanks for any insight


It was good seeing you even if it was just in the hall while you were heading to your table, well, and at the forums too.

Sam Out-

meek? said...

Crapola! I have work from 7pm-12am. :*[

Have fun @ the Isotope, Jim.


orgullo-vikingo said...

Hey Jim... when are you coming to Spain?? you just can't imagine how many fans you have here!

Hope to see you around in the next years!

capitan911 said...

ok.. at the sake of not sounding like a fool and star struck even though I totally am right now seeing that this is my childhood and still current idol's blog.. its funny seeing that you'll be in san fran cuz i'm really close to calling my gf who lives there to go get an autograph from you since i live in ny.. ok.. i think this comment is long enough. =p


Vincent said...

Hey Jim, how does one properly invite you to do signings and appearances in Cons and store signings?

Just wonderering.



kampilanWil said...

Vegas again, eh? j/k! I actually ran into Ralph at SDCC and he told me about you guys coming to his store. I had to ask him twice to be sure I heard right that you were coming here to Vegas,lol. Never even saw you around ComicCon over the weekend so that's pretty sweet. I don't normally drive to Ralph's store 'cause I hate going through the Strip but yeah, he's got a nice store and a very nice guy. Koreana BBQ is just around the corner there too.

Tyler Wilken said...

Jim, you totally rule. Thanks for staying so long to make sure even guys like me got a sketch. I can't thank ya enough. Its a totally sweet Flash sketch. I think its going to be the first of my "hopefully" many Flash sketches. Lee, I'm totally bummed by the time I got up to the top you were packin' up and leaving. I was gonna ask for a sketch but you looked ready to go. hehe, there is always next time.

A truly greatful fan,
Tyler Wilken

eddie scrafton said...

Just heard about you and Grant Morrison reviving Wildcats next year Jim!!! Fantastic news!

All I can say is...SOLD!