Friday, July 08, 2005

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity
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Been swamped trying to wrap up work before the SDCC which looks to be the mother of all cons this year. So many meetings, panels and such already in the works...I am already exhausted. Anyway, here are some tidbits of news tho.

One, All-Star Batman and Robin: the Boy Wonder should be out next week for the con, so I am led to believe. The project is coming along swimmingly and it's been great to work with Frank. I really doubt we can wrap up the story in only 6 issues so I imagine you will have to deal with a longer run than initially announced.

Two, Chuck from KC, a Metti regular has prepped the Metti Comics Fantasy Publishing League. It's a spiffy bit of software which will allow us all to go head to head as comics publishers, picking writers, artists and other creators in a rotisserie league format. Being nothing gets done the week before and after SDCC, we will make the real announcement with all the details at the end of the month. We will have several leagues so you all can take on the Mettistas--winner take all!

Three, speaking of winners, we haven't had a Metti Trivia Contest for ages. Look for one on Monday at noon PST. Prize to be announced at the same time...should be a good one tho.

Four, attached is a jpeg of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman I did as a series of illustrations for the new DC logo promotion. This one is obviously unfinished but you can get a sense of how I layer the construction of a piece. This one was deemed too static so it was scrapped. A bigger shot can be had here.

Five, big news on the Iron Chef Gelatometti front. I will have my first superstar challenger TOMORROW at 4pm PST. Ale Garza who dreamt up this whole wacky idea is organizing it all so look for his post with the details real soon. The two finished pieces go (along will all the other Iron Chef illustrations) to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund so look for me and the challenger to go all out for this very worthy cause.

I'm sure there is more, but I will save it for a later post.


meek? said...

Great to read all the awesome news! Anxiously lookin' forward to your All-Star run. Excellent trinity illustration, though I do prefer & love the final product for the DC logo promotion. Lastly, your Infinite Crisis cover for issue 1 & Previews is beautiful! Mad props, Jim! Definitely excitin' times ahead...


Vincent said...

I cant wait for All Star Batman
keep up the good work Jim.

Jack Smith said...


and thanks to ale for the iron chef idea. I STILL believe he should have won 2 of th 3 he was in!

johnnyjustice said...

LOL! You said "swimmingly". I haven't heard that word since the last time I watched "The Comic Book Greats" w/Todd and Rob =)

ps Glad you took a break from your hectic schedule to post something for us fans =)

Take care,


Scott E. Amundson said...

Jim, you are a true inspiration! That pic rocks! I'm REALLY looking forward to B & R! The new ad, yesterday was a highlight of a great comics week. It's pretty good when your ad makes the comic day highlight reel. Anyway, I hope you can do an all-star supes arc with Grant and or a huge JLA arc. Basically, keep doing what you're doing! You completely rock!



I wish you guys would post the date instead of just writing tomorrow, it's always so ambiguous to me when comments are posted at 1AM. looking forward to the contest. pic looks good, have you seen the Fantastic 4 yet, it was pretty good, real funny., I'll be glued by my computer for the Iron Chef battle, can't wait to catch you in San Diego this year, you have always been one of my biggest inspirations.
Thanks for taking time to hang with your fans.

Sam Out-

Neo said...

The DC pic? too static? I think that would've been a great piece to use.
Thanks for sharing that with us.

ccaprile said...

Great to hear from you Jim. The other 'Mettis have been doing a good job of keeping this place moving, but it's nice to see you around too! Lookin' forward to the Iron Chef battle!


kampilanWil said...

Sweet googly moogly! Static or not it'd still make a great alternate DC Icon piece...somewheres. Collector plates, paperplates, gift bags. I mean, Alex Ross does a lot of "static" poses.

Jeff Eckleberry said...

I can't wait for the all-star line, especially Jim and Frank's run on Batman.