Thursday, July 28, 2005

... some more ComicCon. doodles ... yay!

(entry: Carlitos)

... I can't remember exactly what ComiCon I drew this at, it might have been from last year's, or maybe even a little older. The fan had asked me for a "Wonder Woman", and because this was probably my first time EVER drawing her, and I don't really consider myself all that good at the 'cheesecake' stuff, I felt I needed something else in there to 'spruce' up the piece, so why not having her beat the crap out of a giant robot?!? gives the piece a bit of a sense of scale as well, I just hope the fan I drew it for liked it. :)

... speaking of ComiCon pieces, like most artist out there, there have been times when you draw something at a show and you end up being pretty happy with, and really wish you had made a copy of it or whatever (lots' of happy accidents seem to happen at shows), so, if any of you BLOG readers have ever gotten a commission or a sketch from me (that doesn't suck.. heheh), please let me know, I'd love to get a scan of it if you guys are kind enough (^_^)



Tyler Wilken said...

Wow, a damn fine "never drawn before" Wonder Woman. And as usual, the Robot looks sick as hell.

Carlos Martinez said...

Hola Carlos,

This is your tocayo from Philly - you drew me a kick-ass Nightwing sketch at the Big Apple Con in April.

My e-mail address is, if you want send me an e-mail and I will e-mail you a pic of the sketch you did for me.


Jeff Eckleberry said...

According to, this piece was done at a Big Apple Con in 2003.

meek? said...

Vurry nice for a first time rendition! Not really into the scraggly hurr, but the form is ideal, the legs are juicy, and the tech is crisp. :D This piece has been spruced and officially pimped out.


Steven Lee said...

Hi Carlos,

You did the sketch for me at Big Apple Con 2003. I think the sketch looks great.

The one thing I remember is that I was showing the sketch to my friend who was sitting next to Jim Lee. Jim looked at the sketch and asked how much Carlos was charging. I told him, and he said that you should have asked for more.



It looks good to me, and the robot was a nice touch.

stewnami said...

wow, i keep seeing all these amazing sketches from the cons, i really gotta get to more of them!
great work!

Chuckeedee said...

... heheheh, Jim's our 'financial advisor' :)

... and really?!? I did that piece in NYC?!? I thought for sure I had done that at the San Diego show ... although I gotta admit, after a few of those, it all becomes one big blur, what counts is that you are happy with the piece you got (^_^)


TLG said...

The robot looks wicked. I'd totally avoid that guy in a dark alley. Wondie looks like she needs to switch conditioners tho. ;)

kampilanWil said...

Carlos, just wanted to know what pencil case you were using and how to get one just like it? I've looked at a lot of crappy ones at local art stores but nothing came close to what I'm looking for: which is what yours has.