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Ale's having issues posting so I am going to make the announcement. The mystery challenger Ale set up for my first Iron Chef contest is none other than fan-fave artist Jeff Scott Campbell!

Many of you may know that Jeff was one of the first artists WildStorm (then called Homage Studios) brought into the biz years ago. Jeff's work was already very accomplished when he came to the studio at the tender age of 19 but we were all the more amazed at how quickly he learned and developed artistically.

Before you knew it, he was grabbing pebbles out of all the master's hands faster than you could say "Dated pop culture reference!" and soon he was taking the comic book world by storm with his very first series--Gen 13. Then he followed up that with his Cliffhanger sophomore smash--Danger Girl and now has a new title coming out this summer from WildStorm called Wildsiderz which he is working on with his frequent co-collaborator writer Andy Hartnell.

Hit your local comic book shop to grab a copy of Wildsiderz #0 and look out for his dynamite first issue shipping August 3rd--dazzling work! For an awesome, informative interview--scope out this link at Newsarama.

Here is a recap of the "rules." The contest will start at 4pm PST. We will each have an hour in real time to draw the same character. We will then scan in our pieces and post them to the blog (~5:30 pm PST) so you all can vote who had done a better job.

Winner gets a slap on the back and bragging rights. Loser has to deal with the realization that they have a job no one in the Real World really understands nor appreciates and that life is cruel and unfair and that we spent way too much time hanging out with Alex Garner without anything to show for it and that they really should have chosen to be a rock star or a professional athlete where you get your money for nothing and your chicks for free (dated pop culture reference two!).

The real winner tho is the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF.ORG) who gets both pieces of original art from Jeff and me to auction off in the future to supplement their warchest. In fact, ALL the art created in these lighthearted events has been donated to the CBLDF and I will post more info later as to how you all can try to acquire them. Trust me, the money that will be raised really is for a great and much needed cause.

As for what Jeff and I will be's up to you guys. Post below suggestions but unlike past events, please, please make your ideas as mainstream and 'commercial' as possible. Jeff and I are really looking forward to raising as much money for the CBLDF as possible and while drawing Hellboy's daughter may be cute, the demand for that kind of thing will be a lot less than say a nice shot of Wonder Woman or Batman or Wolverine or Fairchild, etc. Both Jeff and I will talking on the phone before we start and picking the best suggestion posted below. So go to it!



Lets Go with the Fantastic 4's Thing or Invisible woman, With the release of the movie there is money to be had there, and monsters are cool and comic geeks like chicks which you both draw real well.

Sam Out-


I want my M. T. Veeeee!

Sorry I couldn't resist.

Sam Out again-

antonio said...

Many comments before something happens..
Jim..good luck in the new series with Mr.Miller!!

mmmm...mmm....mainstream mainstream choice!!
The answer will be so obvious.
It would be Awesome to see a Homage cover of the first issue of X-men form the 60's (with the original yellow suits) done by you guys!!

sedat said...

Hey there,
this is going to be a kick ass contest. two of the best artists i the comic biz!!!
here are some suggestions;
- Star Wars characters (you guys want to see Jim and Jeff draw this stuff too, right?)...characters should depend on fans voting...I go for Darth Vader or Darth Maul (these are mainstream :) )

-Batman (from batman begins)
- Metabaron (hes not that mainstream but hes still kickass!!)

hope you like the ideas.
Good luck to both of you.

Jason said...
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Tim Dillon said...


He's popular, he's mainstream, (X-Men Comic Book, Movie, and was on X-Men Evolution) and I'm pretty sure neither of you have drawn him in a LONG time. It would be a nice challenge for you guys and entertaining for us to see. Thanks and good luck to you both, you're both doing a great thing for the CBLDF.

zuperkrypto said...

"Winner gets a slap on the back and bragging rights. Loser has to deal with the realization that they have a job no one in the Real World really understands nor appreciates and that life is cruel and unfair and that we spent way too much time hanging out with Alex Garner without anything to show for it and that they really should have chosen to be a rock star or a professional athlete where you get your money for nothing and your chicks for free (dated pop culture reference two!). "
That was the funniest thing I have read on the net in over a year!! lol!!

Anyways my suggestion as to the subject of the next battle is simple, Superman vs. Hulk.

Kyle said...

I suggest either Green Lantern (big right now), Lion-0, or black canary. This should be an awesome contest! Can't wait.

Sugoi said...

Well I had to sign up just to suggest a character for you guys to do.

Let's just say I started a long disertation on what characters you guys should or shouldn't draw and weighed all the pros and cons of each. Then I realized whom I just wanted to see you draw:

Green Lantern. Hal Jordan of course.

Derek (The Cavillari) said...


Sorta Runner Guy said...

How about a summer comic movie jam? Batman and the Fantastic Four?

Nice contest, guys!

ShinerB said...

Can you please draw the New Avengers. We need someone to make this potentially cool concept from Marvel, look cool.

Jack Smith said...
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Jack Smith said...


nroa9882 said...

With big events in dc and marvel brewing a House of M vs. Infinite Crisis would be cool...maybe a JLA vs. X-men?
Besides that I suggest Iron Man, Hulk, or Daredevil. All seem pretty main stream. Gambit would be fun too, but it might not be mainstream enough.

No matter what you guys choose I'm sure it'll be amazing. Big Fan of all of your art. Keep up the amazing work guys.

PS Sin city?

MR FURIOUS said...


alexander - big fan

SWd0rk64 said...

gl hal jordan would be awesome

Choisez said...

Sin City's Nancy or the butt-kicking Hawkgirl from Justice League Unlimited.


edus said...

How about one of those lovely characters of Hanna Barbera Cartoons, like Space Ghost or Birdman??

AlienFreakJim said...

I really like the idea above of drawing the original X-Men (in black/yellow costumes) fighting Magneto!! Oh man, those would be 2 killer drawings!!!

MR FURIOUS said...

wonder woman going lip-to.. i mean toe-to-toe with supergirl!!!

alexander - big fan

Gelatomettista said...

Great ideas--keep em coming. A couple stand out as real winners in my mind...that said, there aren't going to be team vs team sketches. We have an HOUR of time to get it done. We're fast but not Aragones-like.


Meat For Mommy said...

Bendis disguised as Aunt May.

Gabe_Eltaeb said...

This sounds awesome! Since you both draw women so well (sexy) Do a "Women of DC Pinup": Wonder Woman, Batgirl (Barbra with the Red hair hanging out the back), Catwoman, Pioson Ivy, Power Girl and Black Canary.

Very mainstream, and very attractive to bidders.


antonio said...

If I were you guys (Jim and Scott) I guess that taking some hours more 2 or 3 or a day might be really worth for the CBLDF!!

Great day to you guys!!...JESUS ANTONIO

Gabe_Eltaeb said...

Oh I almost forgot, Harley too!

BenW said...

Hey guys, terrific idea, thanks.

Here's an idea -- the wedding of Sue Storm and Reed Richards.

It's a chance to draw anyone in the Marvel Universe you want....and Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and Clark Kent an--you get the idea!

And what could be more commercial?!?

Thanks again,

Darksbane said...

Well I really like the Idea of the original x-men cover homage. Or perhaps a Spider-Man death of Gwen Stacy rendition. An patriotic image of Captain America might work well also as non comic collectors might be interested in it. If I had to choose something DC I'd go with a Batman/Joker battle or Lex Luthor.

Bill Nolan said...

Mary Marvel, classic-style.

- Bill

Reggie G said...

how about SPIDER-MAN and Mary Jane?
a Spidey & Wolverine team-up?

I can't wait to see the results.

- Reggie

Clint said...

You want this to be commercial so it'll make lots of loot for CBLDF right? Go for both your strengths. Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine! Whatever you pick this'll be pretty cool.

TheChin said...

oh, for heaven's sake, I'd kill to see the two of you draw The Punisher, MAX (Larosa) style.

jtruong008 said...

If you guys can get it done in the hour, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman. That'll rake tons of money. DC's Trinity.

lartdog said...

Mr. Miracle or any of the New Gods!

Cool idea guys...can't wait to check it out.


Jon Tsuei said...

I think one thing everyone always mentions when talking about Jim Lee and J. Scott Campbell are the hot ladies both artists are able to bring to the page. So I offer up two suggestions.

Zealot vs. Fairchild
or Christine Blaze vs. Abbey Chase

I think those are probably some of the more recognizable Wildstorm characters, definately characters that could bring in some good money for the CBLDF.

raph said...

Colossus, Shadowcat and Lockheed would be awesome :)

Serge said...

I vote for the X-Men idea. But A homeage to giant sized x-men #1!!!

Randall said...

This is a really cool idea. Great stuff guys.

I choose Galactus!!

I know, I know. He's not in the movie but that would be a great battle to see between you two.

If not him, then Phoenix or Dr. Doom.

BTW - Jim, this is El Dandy from Newsarama. My name should be in your long list of sketch winners. Hopefully you haven't already sent it to me, because I moved and I didn't know how to get my new address to you. Got a throwaway hotmail account still?

Sorry. You may return to your regularly scheduled contest.

El Dandy(Randall)

stvnhthr said...

how about old Barbera Gordon style Batgirl vs. the new Batgirl

masterjedi said...
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masterjedi said...
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masterjedi said...

Darth Vader vs Dr. Doom

gndrmbs said...

I think krunchie was absolutely right with the comment on how both artists draw spectacular women.

I think Supergirl would be great, seeing as how she a) is very popular and instantly recognizable, b) doesn't really have that many noodly details that would take away time from just drawing a really dynamic and kick-ass piece, and c) hasn't been drawn (as far as I can recall) by either artist on a book, but I'm sure they've doodled in sketchbooks several times over.

Or Witchblade, for exactly the opposite reasons.

JoeBrown said...

I'd love to see a Spider-Man vs Electro matchup, or Spidey vs anything to be honest.

Derek (The Cavillari) said...

I really don't think they'll go for any of the big team pin-up's or hero/villain versus hero/villain... From what I've seen of these they're usually just one character. It's only an hour, remember...

Besides a Magneto, I wouldn't mind seeing a JScott take on Batman (though I think Jim Lee gets the unfair advantage there having been drawing him so much lately...) Just like JSC would get the advantage on Spider-Man. So, a good, neutral, character...


Grant Gould said...

Awesome!!! I can't wait to see this :D

I vote for a "Lord of the Rings" character -- I'd love to see both of your takes on Aragorn, for example.


You Know a Dr. Doom Sue Storm could be cool, I pick F4 stuff right now cause I know it is what's gonna be in the minds of most fans right now.

fabian said...

Jim Lee vs. Jeff Scott Campbell! so awesome!

suggestions: Teen Titans! More specifically Wonder Girl and SuperBoy. The Titan's book is really big right now and I don't think I have seen either of the contestants ever draw the characters, so it would be awesome to see that. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do Teen Titans (or just Superboy and Wondergirl!)

other suggestions: New Supergirl/Batgirl team up, DC Trinity, Superman/Batman, Superboy/Robin, Batman Family (Bats, Cat, Rob, 'Wing, Huntress, Oracle) Superman Family (Super: Man, Boy, Girl, and Krypto)

thats my 2 cents.

eugene said...

Holy Moly Lee and Campbell head to head?... I think I peed my pant's..

I say go with Magneto only becuase Jim draw's him so well and I dont think I ever saw Jeff ddraw him before.

Dentedbucket said...

I'll give two suggestions.

1. I say Batman, well because I'm a Bat-nut, but to coincide with the release of All Star Batman & Robin. To honor Jim and Frank and both pieces would raise a lot of dough for the CBLDF at SDCC next week.

2. The Flash in a Padres uniform racing to homeplate after a homer against the Angels!

Peace out!


Grant Gould said...

I should probably add (I just suggested Aragorn) -- My second vote would be for a female character. You both draw such unbelievably awesome women, I'd hate to see this contest wasted on some male character... LOL :D

Chris said...

How bout Robin?

Jon Roscetti said...

I'd love to see both these guys do The Fantastic 4. If they don't want to do the full team my vote is for Mr. Fantastic, or Invisible Woman or Dr. Doom. Another suggestion is Spider-Man. With both of them working close with DC these days, I want to see them do some Marvel characters. Hulk would be good too. Oh who am I kidding, It's going to be cool even if they drew Kermit the Frog (hey, there's an idea!)

glowbug said...

How about in an homage (get it?) to the comic book movies of the summer we see DC's Batman Begins Batman versus Marvel's movie Fantastic Four?

bat2supe said...

It could be called Clash of Titans but it's yet Iron Chef.
Then,i've allways been a great fan of Jim Lee's work and of course of J Scott Campbell, CANNOT WAIT.

Then, there's been a lot of great ideas, and i think the idea of illustrating one of the great comic events(origins of a character, or one of the great moments of these character could be nice).
But, the idea of doing a movie related work could be great.

Or maybe one of that crazy sexy girl that you have the secret although it's not very original considering the challenge.

Anonymous said...

I think the Spidey/Wolverine team-up has been the most commecial and would sell like hotcakes. Haven't seen Jim's Spidey a lot and don't recall J. Scott's Wolverine ever.

andrew dr!lon said...

Rock the Fantastic Four! Make them really cool!

BTW I think you guys should rule out Batman, Superman, Spiderman and X-men, coz that's treading old ground for either Jim or Jeff and it'd be nice to see their take on another set of icons.

Or maybe they should just go with Hellboy. Cooool.:D

Vince said...

WHy not doing Marv from Sin City ?

jrsorrell said...

DAREDEVIL!!! I've seen one Daredevil drawing by Jim, so it's about time to see a new one!


Skullduggery said...


ilegion said...

Any chick from the Legion of Super-Heroes. Legion fans are big freaks who pay big money for original art.

Now I just have to get AMEX to up my credit limit...

Luke said...

How about Shazam!'s Captain Marvel vs. Superman. Alex Ross did a great job on that. Wouldn't it be cool to see Jim & J. Scott on it too?

Brian said...

Here's a very commercial idea, how about a Batman vs Spider-Man or Batman vs Captain America or Superman vs Thor. A versus picture is always cool. If not, how about a Blue Beetle homage, maybe something for his wake or funeral.

Tempest said...

King Kong

A) It's an interesting character that you can do alot with artistically.

B) It'll be the next box office smash - which, if the auction happens around its release, will raise the interest and price.

C) It falls outside both of your 'norms' (ie: spidey/wolvie/bats/hot chicks) and is still mainstream and commercial.

D) cmon... its MFing KONG... who doesn't want to draw him?

Kyle Cowstar said...


Alright, Batman and the Thing getting ready to kick some alien butt. Come on do it!!! That would be awesome. That or a frog kicking over a bicycle.

jimmiemax said...

How about the comic book thing looking into a mirror and seeing the movie thing.

DragynWulf said...

I'd like to see Taskmaster (original costume) myself, but that might not draw in as much for CBLDF.

Scott Campbell tends to draw female chacters better in my opinion and Jim Lee draws them well also. So I'd go with a female character.

Either She-Hulk, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Invisible Woman or Diana Troy (Troia) would be my vote.

Good luck to the both of you and hope CBLDF can get a nice donation from it.

Ale Dangerous said...

Hey guys you don't have any idea how excited I am to see this happening! This is the challenge that I've been hoping and working for since I came up with this crazy idea. For me I'm on fan level right now! I'm out of town and on a laptop that just isn't connecting to yahoo for some reason so I wasn't able to be the ringleader on this one. However I am eagerly awaiting for this one to go down!

Who will win? You're guess is as good as mine. Knowing both these guys it's hard to say. I will say this though Jim is super fast, I mean ridiculously quick at turning out some pretty insane stuff! Jeff on the other hand always has a ton of personality in everything he does. Which in my opinion is his biggest strentgh! This definitly will go down as one of the greatest battles of all time! Superman vs Spider man, Ali vs Frazier, Lee vs Campbell!

I want to take a sec to thank both artists. Both of whom have been a huge artistic influence on me throughout my career! Thank you for indulging me on this guys, and I look forward to the results!


Tythe Pet said...

Hey Fella's,

Jennifer Garner as Electra! The movie wasn't to increadible in my opinion but heck... who can pass up Jennifer Garner in any of her characters? I'm a die hard Alias fan. But I'm an even bigger Lost fan. So even though its not from the comic world... Guys, lets see Kate!!!!!!!

thats all from me... let the pencils fly... good luck to both of ya


The F4 vs. Galactus and call it War of the Worlds, do it like a Bob Peak movie poster.

Neo said...

DOCTOR DOOM stomping or being stopmped by THE EVER-LOVIN BLUE EYED THING.#

In a Jack Kirby style! Plenty of Kirby crackle to Garnish :-)

I say again:

Can't wait to see the outcome of this head to head slamboree :-)
Go for it Grasshopper

sdunbier said...

Supergirl vs. Power Girl!

Or Abbey Chase vs. Christy Blaze.

Ale Dangerous said...

Wanted to give you guys a quick heads up. If you want you're suggestion to be taken seriously just keep it simple. Like, for instance... Zatanna. Just a reminder :)



Well then again with the release of All Star B&R Why not them.
I can see big dollars leaving someone's wallet.

Ale Dangerous said...

Hey guys we got Scott Dunbier making suggestions, cool!


ejulp said...

spider-man would seem the right
balance for both of them
fun enough for campbell (who does an awesome spidey)
dynamic enough for lee (whom i haven't seen him draw)
not an original choice
that'd be my official vote

AlphaZulu4 said...

I'd say Powergirl and Shazam

pcruz620 said...

Personaly, I'd love to see both of them try to work on Gen 13's Freefall. In Jim's Millenium book he talked about how much he liked to draw the character because there are so many posibilities for her posses. Also, even though Gen13 was Cambells book it's something both of them conceptualized, or atleast that's what I thought.

If that isn't commercial enough I can also suggest FantasticFour's Invicible Woman turning invisible. Lee's watercolor style and Campbells fairly realistic shading should make it very interesting.

Jon Roscetti said...

I'll simplify my suggestion.

Fantastic Four.

The whole team or any of the characters solo VS. Dr. Doom


fabian said...

simplification: Teen Titans. Any one member or combination (like Superboy and Wonder Girl).

regardless, it will be an awesome showdown!

Fabio Moon said...

Captain America against the Red Skull.

louismatt1976 said...

why not have them draw Robin or the Flash??

Gordo Guru said...

Blue Beetle - Ted Kord.

Only fair since Jim helped kill him off. And he's "spider-y" enough that J.Scott should be able to rock it!

akikuro said...

Storm in Asgardian battle gear!
(Ala Art Adams and the Asgardian Wars series from back in the day...)

Wolverine cuttin up a Sentinel!
(Days of Future Past!)

Keep it classic!


Kyle Cowstar said...

Contemporary Teen Titans

Cassie, Tim, Bart, Conner, Mia. Any of these.

blueplastic2 said...

I have the perfect selection for you both: WHITE QUEEN OR BLACK QUEEN! That would be awesome!...If it had to be a guy i would go with Batman or Wolverine! I can'believe what i am seeing...Lee vs top 2 all time artists. :)

Kyle Cowstar said...

Yoda versus Batman


If you were going to sell them off at ComicCon, Will Eisener's Spirit would go pretty well too.

fabian said...

yes contemporary Teen Titans! I'm not the only one!

chava1 said...

Jim is doing a cover for Spawn 150 and that will sell a lot. SPAWN SPAWN SPAWN SPAWN.........SPAWN

Dentedbucket said...

Last minute thought.

Wonder Woman with boxing gloves on, with a caption "Who's your daddy now?"



So, Who's it gonna be?

daveau82 said...

Hey guys how about Dark Knight Returns Batman and Carrie Kelly Robin?

Or Watchmen characters?

or THE INCREDIBLES? Mr. Incredible and Frozone? Mr. and Mrs. Incredible??? That would ROCK!!!!!!!

Or Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli?

All of these would be commercial, and when would we ever see Jim or J. Scott do anything like this?

Kevin Huxford said...

My suggestions:

Martian Manhunter a show of respect to the victims in Britain...

Captain Britain or Captain America holding a British flag.

tacoman said...

C'mon guys, Zatanna! Zatanna for cryin out loud!

Dr. Juris said...

My vote: Thor Girl / Tarene. I'd love to see her or any of the Asgardians drawn here!

Dr. Juris said...

Sorry for the double-post, but... (is there a way to edit these things?)

I could also go for Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl together.

A crossover of sorts would be interesting, if copyrights aren't an issue here: Robin and an X-babe, perhaps, or maybe Starfire and Iceman. (Something like that.)

My support is with this as far as it can go, even if I can't help with my wallet. Great cause, great fun =)

Dean Trippe said...

Green Lantern Hal Jordan all the way!


evolgenius said...

I'd love to see you guys draw the Hulk! If not Hulk, then Deadpool or Viewtiful Joe.

Franklin said...

Draw Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy. I command it!

HavokandHal said...

Since you guys are DC affiliated then I say Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Starfire. The hottest Male Hero and the hottest(looking) female Hero at the hottest company DC.

tyopot said...

how 'bout BADROCK ? HEHEHE...just kidding...

Neil Gaiman
the Violator
homer Simpson

Dave Fury said...

Wait? People are asking Jim and Jeff to draw men? Are you crazy?

How about Supergirl vs. Mary Marvel?

Donnie Darko said...

Here are my suggstions:

- SIN CITY'S Nancy (+ Marv starring at her)
- Darth Vader
- Batman + Joker
- Joker + Harley Quinn
- Tom Cruise + Katie Holmes (That's mainstream ;))

Brian said...

Supergirl vs. Fairchild. A mud-wrestling ring could be optional.

rob said...

here we go a fre easy ones miracleman,any of the wild c.a.t.s,any member of gen 13,guy gardner hal jordan and kyle raynor,blue beatle(rip),ok cant think of anymore

dstorres75 said...

My votes for a Wonder Woman, Troia, Wondergirl piece similar to Ale Garza's:

Colin said...

This weeks secret Ingredient is

Harley and Poison Ivy!

i don't think i've ever seen an official campbell drawing of both those characters, and Lee didn't get to draw them together during HUSH, plus i doubt they're pairing up in ALLstars since its a year 2 tale.


Rayten said...

Just glanced through all the other suggestions, and it seems there's no Star Wars characters. So, how about... Yoda!