Saturday, July 23, 2005

Italian Tourist eaten by Lizard


Here's BONEREST/BATMAN EUROPA writer Matteo Casali in the Las Vegas airport getting frisky with a horny toad hours before our 3pm store signing at Alternate Reality Comics.

We just left San Francisco where we had blast hanging at the ultraplush Isotope Comics Store and Lounge. Big, big props as they say to James, Kirsten, Jared, Ian, Jay, and all the others for a kickass esperienza!

Also got to read Kirsten' Smoke and Guns which was a terrific, adrenaline-rush ride which brought to mind the fun and nilism of Gunsmith Cats and Sin City. More laters...time to check in.



That is one cool lizard.

fotiboss said...

Complimenti per la foto...!

/Simone :D

Salix said...

Whoa that's freaky. I like the guy in the back just reading his book haha.

Tyler Wilken said...

It was a hell of a lot of fun. Have a great time in Vegas. Party hard!


Fabio Moon said...

Thanks for the nice comments on Smoke and Guns, Jim. I would love to hear more on what you would have to say about the artwork.

I'll tell you that: it was really fun to draw.

All the best, from a brazillian fan.