Thursday, July 28, 2005

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Wanted to go back a bit, retouch on San Diego and how great it was. See I've been in comics for quite awhile. I remember not too long ago the con seemed as if it was getting smaller, and it seemed as if less people were interested in going. With that it's amazing how big it's gotten! Sure most of it is because of hollywood's involvment, but who cares?! The show has became so large I almost wish I had one of those motorized scooter thingies just to get around.

I was a little bummed that I only got to sign at the DC booth on preview night. I tried to crank out as many freebies as possible. For some reason people keep asking me for Batman sketches? Good thing I enjoy drawing the guy. Here is one some guy requested asking if he could get a version of my DK interpretation he saw on the blog. Yay blog fans! To make up for my lack of time spent in SD I will be in Chicago next week. And most likely, spending a majority of my time at the DC booth. So if you get a chance come by and ask for a Batman sketch, or whoever else may be your fav character!

"come over late night" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Vince said...

Ale , you're a star , simply .

Masik said...

Damn, I wanted to go to the Chicago con with a portfolio of work to get a job pencilling but I just got back into comics and illustrating them. I found out about the con too late and I don't want to rush samples for the sake of trying to get in on time. I'd still like to meet you though Ale, you, Jim, and the rest of the Wildstorm crew have re-sparked my interest again in comics and to pursue that for a living.


Ryan said...

Hey Ale...any rough idea how when you'll be at the DC booth? This is exciting news to me! I was just perusing some message boards and found out the entire list of DC creators attending the show, and was pleasantly surprised to see a few more additions such as yourself & Dustin that I hadn't known about previously!

Will see ya in Chi-town!


Randy Stone said...

good to hear ale, hopefully i'll be able to meet you there (if i can brave the long lines of batman-sketch hungry fans!)


espressoDOM said...

The Garz-ino....looking so pimp as ever (keep up the cool s*&#)

jrsorrell said...

I'll be in Chicago too (artist alley) so hopefully I'll have the time to meet Ale and all the other bloggers.

Take care,

Tyler Wilken said...

Looks good Ale. A damn fine representation. Look at that crowd arround ya man. Was that the line or just onlookers? Keep up the great work!

| rc | said...

Suh-weet that was the sketch I asked you for...your're one cool guy Ale. I felt bad asking you for another Batman sketch after about every person in front of me were asking for Bats. But damn you do draw him really good.

I wasn't expecting to see you at the DC booth so I was determined to get a sketch from you. Thanks again! See ya next time.


rocio.u said...

Thanks for the nice sketch you did for my boyfriend RC. I love your pose! Nice of you to represent!

Chaz said...

The rockstar of comics.


Yeah, I'd like to see a group shot of you guys on a SEGWAY, that would be cool.