Thursday, July 14, 2005

Regulators! Mount up!

Regulators! Mount up!
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Putting some last minute touches on my preparation for the con. Really looking forward to it! Seem's to look like a lot of fun! I signed tonight at the DC booth for preview night, cranking out quite a few sketches! Batgirl was the number one request, followed closely by Supergirl.

If you're attending be sure to stop by artist alley and say hi. I'll have all kinds of goodies for sale, hehe!

Attached is a pic I did for a friend as a birthday gift. I tried to go a little different from the way I usually approach WW. I gave her wavier hair, something I tend to shy away from. Anyways I hope he likes it, it was fun doing. Anyways, till my next post, peasssss!

Also look for what appears to be becoming one of our closest battles yet results. Voting closes tomorrow at 12:00 pst!

"sure I'm flattered, maybe even a little curious..." PSHOO!PSHOO!


Nor-El said...

Ale! You're really great!
I hope to see you sometime in Germany!

John said...

Ale, the 2nd best thing in your posts besides the art are the excellent Simpson quotes.

"Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals ... except the weasel."

Edco said...

I couldn't figger' what was making this WW a little extra sexy. Then I realized... extra high knee-high boots.

Danger said...

Ahhh... i hope to one day own a piece of Ale Garza art to add to the collection. That WonderWoman up there is just amazing, loving the "wavy" hair too. Got that Charlie's Angels kinda feel to it.

meek? said...

Dude! Yo' friend will love this. I also usually shy away from drawin' WW's hair wavy... usually stickin' w/ long, straight, and w/ volume... but this joint looks great! I'm feelin' the o.g.-style boots you drew on her. It's funny how those thigh-high joints make her look damn sexy when it covers more skin in actuality. Skills...


Neo said...

WW's wavey hair? BOOTYLICIOUS! Or as my mate would say "she's a tidy boiler" (he's a plumber)
Great work Ale, your stuff has really grown on me.....must shave it off sometime :-)

| rc | said...

Hey Ale!

It was pretty cool to meet you at SDCC, even though I didn't say much haha! Anyways thanks for the awesome Miller sytle Batman sketch, freakin awesome!

I didn't know you had a spot at artist alley! Damn! Maybe next year?

Thanks again! You Rock!


| rc | said...

I forgot to add the picture, again thanks for the sketch :D.

icemanx62 said...

That Wonder Woman looks amazing!

Lojack said...

Yes she's nice! I remembered to pick up the Wondy print this time, I really like the costume alterations. Hmmm, gonna have to get a commission!