Saturday, July 02, 2005

PH4 2k5!

PH4 2k5!
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Hey guys, I'm going out of town for a week but I thought I'd share my PH4 cover. I basically took my character from the first, and well, turned her around, lol! I gotta say Carlos has done one monster job designing this year's book, and it really is quite impressive! The cool thing is rather than last year's, where we just kinda put stuff together, with this one we had a whole year to plan the pieces we wanted, and it really shows! I gotta say, last year's book was probably one of the proudest pieces of work to put my name on, and this year's is no different. Doing stuff with these three monkee's is what it's all about for me, if only we could get Jim, lol! Either way he's there in spirit, haha! So I hope you guys enjoy, and I'll see y'alls in a week!

Btw, for anyone in the Napa Valley/Vallejo area I will be appearing at a local 4th of July celebration at the American Canyon community park. If you're near try to stop by! Peace!

"hello little gummy gums" PSHOO!PSHOO!



so do you each have your own cover?

and are the interiors different.

Sam Out-

meek? said...

Fresh cover!! Great continuation from the v.1 cover. Colors are coo'. V.2's just comin' out and I'm already anxious to see where the star goes in v.3. :D ;] Hopefully I'll get a chance to cop the new sketchbook when y'all come back to the Bay for an appearance/con.

I'll try my best to stop by the park! Happy 4th!


Gabe_Eltaeb said...

Love your art! I am sad to see you leave Batgirl, but I am very excited to see you on Intimates! Intimates is an awesome book, and your art suits it perfectly.

About your ph4 2k5 cover, it is really beautiful, with a great color scheme, but I can't help but think that those hands are going to pop a zit on that girls a$$. lol

see you at the Comic Con next week!


meek? said...

Damn... I got trapped @ my parents' home in V-Town 'cause o' my mom's delicious cookin'. I hope the celebration went well!