Tuesday, July 26, 2005

vegas weekend III

vegas weekend III
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Sunday was spent mostly just lounging. We toured the strip. Got a Coke at the Coke store. Had a fantastic lunch at the Red 8 in the Wynn hotel, very nice by the way!

We started up the evening by meeting up with good friend John Dolmayan, SOAD fame! He invited us to attend the Hard Rock's variety show Beachers Madhouse. It was pretty damn cool, we got the star treatment, and I had everyone wondering if I was Wilmer Valderama, lol! The show itself opened up with these girls prancing around in skimpy clothing, pretty insane, pandamonium!! It then opened up with a bunch of skits that had the audience interacting with the show. It was some pretty fun stuff, from a Karaoke sing off to a dance off that featured a ten yr old kid it was definitely entertaining. John provided some great entertainment for the evening...



Johnny said...

Could you add some photo with John? I would be thankfull, sia ba da.

Tyler Wilken said...

Isn't he the drummer that appeared at the Oakland comic shows a few years ago?


Fun fun fun