Sunday, July 17, 2005

SDCCON 2005! Co-missions!

SDCCON 2005! Co-missions!
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Hey guys, whatta weekend! I am beat fo sho! The past four days, or is it five? Were a whirlwind of happenings!

As always got to see some familiar faces, some not so familiar, heh! I'll post more info as my strength is regained. Cranked through twenty commissions. It was a chore, but well worth it once I saw the fans reactions. Above is one I did. Good ole' Bats!

I'll be posting info on my new title, a little update on the CBLDF auction of our Iron Chef battles, and all the other random stuff. Just need a little time to regain my head, peasssssssssssss.

"i am evil homer..." PSHOO!PSHOO!


Ryan said...

Congrats on a successful con Ale...wish I could've been there.

Also, congratulations on your new book...and might I add, I did call it way back when you announced that you were leaving Batgirl. You said it was a writer you had worked with previously, and I through Allen Warner's name in as one of my guesses.


Salix said...

Nice Batman, he looks like he can kick some ass. I saw you working on a Supergirl piece at the con too, looked pretty awesome!

meek? said...

Bulky Bartakamos! 8o Nice!

Congrats on the commission completion, Commissioner Garza! Can't wait for the news!


espressoDOM said...

Too cool seein' ya at the Con..... you were busy drawin' away so I took my obigatory photo of you drawing and then "move along... move along"

good seein' you... nice seein' fashion sense at artists alley!!! hahaha

great first... maybe i will stop and talk next time... guess I was shy (wierd)

The Joel said...

it was awesome seeing you at the con. Your DC-All Star Panel was great. the whole Q&A portion was very interesting and informative. btw whats up with the lingire.

anyways, i would like to thank you giving me your autograph after the panel. i was one of those swarming fans. i didn't catch u at artist alley or the DC booth. everytime they passed out wristbands they were out...
i work in la jolla so maybe ill bump into you one of these days :) thanks again!

TLG said...

No. No head for you. You come back one week.

icemanx62 said...

SDCC sounded like a blast. Love that Batman sketch.

RightOnTarget said...

Hey Ale, who was the lucky winner of the Batgirl colored by Alex Sinclair?

| rc | said...

Love that Batman sketch. When are you going to take a Batman series! Do it already bro!



Can't wait for the next challenge it was good meeting you, and dude, it was like 11PM and you still had you glasses on at the Hyatt, now that is style.

Your baby was real cute.

steve said...


you wrote down my name for a commission (Steve), but my San D trip took a bad turn and i ended up missing out on the last couple days of Con. total bummer.

anywho, my e-mail address is and let me know if you ever finished my commission and need payment, or maybe we can set up something for a new commission when you get time.

thanks dude. it was a total blast hanging out with you.