Wednesday, July 06, 2005

...what the hell, the night's still young!

(entry: Carlitos)

...I'm just doodling some ideas for what might become my 'cover image.'

I originally wanted to do something 'weirder,' and a little more �experimental�, but when it's all said and done, the 'cover image' won't be all that big, so it's best to keep it simple and 'attractive' (I hope).

Sometimes it can be kinda' frustrating doing the 'sexy' image, it's so damn cliché�, but at the same time, you can't argue with the power a 'sexy girl' drawing (or photo) has on a cover, especially in the comics and 'fantasy' media, or everything else for that matter ('cause we all know MAXIM, and all those mags. sell because of their oh-so interesting articles :) ), so the question then becomes; what can I 'inject' into this "pretty girl" drawing that might make it more 'me?' ...heheh, it's like 'selling-out,' but only half-ways. :)

It might have been Lee (Bermejo) that had made the comment to me once about how 'tiring' it was having to try and draw attractive people in comics all the time, and I would have to agree, BUT at the same time, we both understand that we are dealing with 'archetypes', idealized figures, and not reality...still, it's nice to gripe about it once in a while. :)

...then again, that's why it's good to have Lee (Bermejo) with us, for every 'pretty' thing Alé, Rich and I might draw, he'll give you something totally grotesque (anybody a fan of Chris Cunningham?), it's like someone just gave you a backrub, followed by a kick to the nuts!

(just wait 'till you guys see the new sketchbook). (^_^)


Codex Studios said...

Chris Cunningham the director? If so, heck yeah!



Yeah not a fan of being kicked in the nuts, especially after a back-rub, get all comfy knees bow out and SWAKCHhhhunnngh... my nuts...

Do what you want for the cover, don't get sucked into the same old stuff, heck put a my little pony on it-- ok maybe not a pony but rainbow brite, for sure, just kidding I'll see you guys in san diego.

Sam Out-

meek? said...

Yikes... it's so hard for me to consciously draw ugly people... unless it's a self-portrait... but, yeah... that's why I love drawin' comic book-style. I can avoid reality's imposed imperfection on human beings.


Pete said...

The top image is great. Leave it to Carlos to slip cool tech in wherever he can.

Congrats on finishing your Outsiders run. Nothing like the monthly grind to slowly wear away your soul. I'm getting my first week of real vacation in six years this week. Rebecca's pregnant again, so we decided to skip the con this year and go to San Diego a week earlier and spend time with the family instead.

So how do I get a copy of your sketchbook?

Chuckeedee said...

hey, it's Peter Woods!!! ... how's it goin' dude? just saw the last issue of Catwoman, it looked pretty damn cool Man, nice coloring too. I'm a sucker for anybody that can do the 'open line' style RIGHT! ... stuff's damn solid ... and what's with the photo Dude? Hardcore Pete (^_^)

... and congrats on the new baby, give Rebecca a hug for me. Everybody's having babies around me, first Ale, then Richie, now you, geez!!!

... as far as me throwing some tech on stuff, you know how it is, at the lack of knowing what else to draw, just doodle whatever, and 'sprinkle it' with tech ... heheheh


Chuckeedee said...

oh yeah, and for any fans of Chris Cunningham (yes, the director) "Rubber Jhonny" is coming out later this month, it looks 'disturbingly KICK A$$!!! and whomever doesn't have his video DVD should run to the nearest video store and buy it RIGHT NOW!!! :)

talkin' 'bout tech,

johnnyjustice said...

Kinda off subject, well, okay...WAY off subject, but does anyone know how to switch images on Blogger while keeping the comments, text, etc? FYI I use Hello not Flickr.

I have an updated version of an image and don't want to have to create a new post.

Thanks in advance,


Pete said...

Is Rubber Johnny going straight to DVD, or is it going limited release? Someone at the studio "borrowed" my Chris Cunningham DVD and I haven't seen it for months. Grr.

Thanks for the compliments. Brad is an excelent colorist and the book would suck cheese without him. I was glad to see your stuff coming out monthly. Your Superman issue was kick ass, too by the way.

Chuckeedee said...

... thanks Man, I was pretty happy with the way that Superman issue turned out too, Guy Major hooked me up on that one :)

as far as Rubber Johnny goes, from what I understand it's a six or seven minute video for 'Aphex Twin', and the DVD comes with a 40 page (or so) artbook from Chris.

Have you seen his old 2000AD stuff? he went by Chris Halls (Hals?) back then. You know, the bastard was already a bad ass painter and sculptor before he reached 20 .... bastard!!!! (^_^)

Pete said...

I didn't even know he worked in comics. I'll check it out.

BTW, have you heard of Canabis Works? I can't remember the artist's name, but it's just up your alley.

Ale Dangerous said...

Pete you look scarey! Lol! I think it's time you enter the Iron Chef arena :)


RichardFriend said...

yeah, that is a tough picture of Pete.

we all know you're a Teddy Bear though~!


Tell Rebecca good luck with the new baby~! I replied in that other post('saying hi' but it got bumped back to the message archieves here, so I wasn't sure you saw my reply to you Pete.

take it easy boys~!



Pete said...

As far as Iron Chef goes-- Bring it! Why else would I shave my head?

Thanks, Rich- I didn't get the message, but I'll pass on the good wishes to Rebecca.

We're in San Diego this week through the 13th- if we have time we'll try to stop by the studio.