Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday Nite Flashback

Friday Nite Flashback
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So I was perusing the comicart fans site and I came across this Death sketch. At first I didn't even remember doing it, heh. Then it came back to me. I did it at Wondercon a couple years ago. It's funny looking back at it all I can think is I remember really being into Eduardo Risso at the time. Anyways, thought it might be a cool little flashback, peassssssssss.




Masik said...

Hey Ale, pretty cool. I remember you said you were into Jamie Hewlett as well. I just did a Gorillaz illustration if you care to look at it,let me know.


John said...

Ale, you want a flashback..? here ya go. Bliss from DVC8. remember this one..?