Thursday, July 28, 2005

Alternate Signing

Alternate Signing Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

This past Saturday at 3pm, we all did a store signing at Alternate Reality Comics in Las Vegas. Though it's off the strip, it was only a short 20 minute ride there and we were warmly greeted by the owners Ralph and Kate and their incredibly hospitable crew. They had snacks, fruit salad and plenty of water and soda laid out for us and we signed for about 4 hours.

It was very well planned and organized and we barely made it through the line in the time we were there. Not as many sketches this time and oddly, nearly all of them were of Batman. Here is one I did for the man in charge of security at the event.


Vince said...

Geek mode on : it is always amazing to see your sketch , 'cause they are so simple and the more they are simple the more they are efficient !

mode geek (never ? )off

Tyler Wilken said...

Good to hear they didn't want as many sketches. I bet that arm of yours was still sore from Isotope. By the way, did he ask for his name to be on the Tombstone...kina, cryptic if ya ask me.


Chaz said...

it's good to see simplicity return to the batman universe. And thank you for not including the latex nips on the costume.

It's amazing how just a few lines in the right place can create such a resoundingly powerful image.


I love the barren tree branches.

patman said...

* snip *
"Not as many sketches this time and oddly, nearly all of them were of Batman."

jim, if Wil of art of jim lee sees this comment of yours, i think he is going to slap his head for NOT asking for a sketch!

been to Alternate Reality when i visited Vegas 2 years back. really a nice shop with nice people. got all my Arrowsmith books from them. wish i could time my trips with your trips. heh!

kampilanWil said...

Hey Jim, it was really great to finally meet you at long last and what better way than in my hometown?! Never saw you at the 3 Comic Cons I been to(heard your name over the PA to report to the CBLDF draw-off last year though) and missed you both times you signed at Tim Boal's Comic Oasis due to work. I didn't ask you for a sketch but would've asked for a particular Star Wars sketch with provided reference, instead of Batman. I was cool with you just signing my Millennium Ed. HC and get a photo taken with you is all. There's always next time for a sketch, right?


hjcho said...

Jim, please do a project you ink yourself. Please.