Thursday, July 21, 2005


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So looking back on the con I gotta say, whew, I did a lot of commissions, lol! On one hand it's great to be able to give the fans a glimpse of what I might do with their favorite characters, but on the other, it's quite draining. I'm actually going to rethink my strategy as far as commissions go for future cons, and may decide that this was my last go round. That or I may only do two or three really high end pieces. Not sure yet.

Either way here is another Supergirl. I have a blast drawing her! She's pretty much the epitome of the comic book good girl, and I've found that that may be my greatest strength. I'm thinking about doing a nice set of images of some good girl type stuff, and offer them at cons.

All in all those who got thier commissions done this year, enjoy them as they may be the last. It'd be great to actually walk around the con next year, lol!

"oh geez" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Masik said...

Ale, are you going to be at Wizard World Chicago coming up? We talked before on some post boards and I posted some art in your MSN online sketchbook site.

Tyler Wilken said...


I am about 100x even more happy that I won that contest now. hehe, and I still havn't thought of what I want. I will say this, do what makes you happy man. When ya start "hating" things its never a good sign.

Ale Dangerous said...

i don't hate it, it just gets a bit taxing. i love drawing! my thoughts are to do nicer ones in less quantity.



That is the way to go for commissions.

Tyler Wilken said...

Yeah, I quoted hate because I knew that really wasn't the right word. I totally get what you are saying. Quality over quantity I always say.

Neo said...

Quality ove quan-tity? Supergal has got em both goin on :-) That is one titilating pic my friend! Don't let your wife see it! Ai carumba!!!
Laterz Nez

kampilanWil said...

Hey Ale, 'tho I didn't talk much at the table I just wanted to see you working on those pieces. It'd be great to actually walk around the con next year, lol Sorry to hear about that! A lot of other artists feel the same exact way: missing out on all the cool stuff like freebies, photo ops, etc. Hey, I wouldn't mind helping watch the table while you guys walk around or do a small food run, heh! Now I'm sounding like a "go-pher"...

Wil E.

Danger said...

ahhhh... say it aint so! It sucks to hear that you may not be doing commisions at cons any more, but i do see where you're coming from. Keep up the phenomenal work!

SteveZegers said...

Yup, that's mine. It was really cool to meet Ale. Getting a commisson from himwas one of my goals for going out to the show in the first place. Thanks again!