Friday, September 02, 2005

... aaaaand it's FRIDAAAAAAAY!!!

... not that it matters, since us 'artist types' don't 'officially' get these days off, but it's still a long weekend for most people (right?), so with that said, "Happy Labor Day" weekend y'alls (^_^)

...and to celebrate, here's "Hellgirl", just a little older than my last one this time around (I drew a "Hellgirl" as one of the 'Iron Chef' challenges a while back, only that she was about nine years old on that one, she might still be in the 'metti' archives, for anyone who doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about) :)

... heheh, one of these days I might actually get the whole 'sexy girl' thing right ... oh yeah, and if I'm not mistaken, this is a commission from the San Diego Con about two years ago?

have an awesome weekend y'alls.

peace, Carlitos


24D said...

Any of you guys considering doing some artwork to auction off to benefit the victims of hurricane Katrina?

wilson said...

Hi carlitos...
awesome work! Man dou you ink very fast like i saw at the videos!!!

regards from brazil!