Wednesday, September 14, 2005

...random sketchies

... random sketchies
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... how's it going y'alls? apologies for not posting in a while, but work's kept me too damn busy (aka: Splinter Cell) ... hehehe, I love that damn game, but I do damn the day I decided to buy the XBox!! ...DAAAAAMN YOU HALOOOOHHHHHH!!!! :) ....anyway, I was looking for something to post, and I found this page I had scanned from a sketchbook o'mine.

If I am not mistaken, this was an idea I had for a 'vigilante' series with Rick Veitch. Mind you, at the time I was designing this stuff (about half a sketchbook's worth), I still didn't have Rick's script, but for whatever reason, I had 'diarrhea' of ideas that month, so I'll probably still end up using them at some point ... no idea should ever go to waste I say (^_^)




Inkblotz said...

Cool looking stuff there.

It almost has a Star Wars type feel to it. I could see the guy there being a Sith lord or something like that.


Vince said...

Carlito !
This stuff really kick my butt ! thank you man , this one a pure killer !

sedat said...

hey carlito,
this is just amazing!! keep on rollin man. personally i d love to see more sketchbook stuff from you guys, in my opinion sketches have more rawness/dynamic and power than pinups.
However, very nice :)

johnnyjustice said...

Any Tom Clancy game on the Xbox RULES! I am a pure addict, oh, and by the way Carlito...I AM the Splinter Cell, lol

Chuckeedee said...

... heheh, I'm tempted to just kick the damn XBOX out the window. Imagine how much more work most artist would do if these infernal things weren't involved?!? Where would Joe Mad be? Travis? might even want to go play outside!!! amazing I tell you, amazing/

damn games being all addicting!!!

Zac Dozier said...

Carlos - I really like to see this kinda of sketchbook stuff, you should post more man.