Thursday, September 08, 2005


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Hey guys just wanted to say hi! Got some interesting info for any of you hoping to own a piece of me over on my sketchbook site. Above is a recent doodle of the Blackcat. Love the Spidey universe. I think this is my first attempt of this character.

Haven't been posting much, but for good reason. Skye Runner is going to be one insane looking project! The pieces I've posted are just a small sample of what Rich and I are doing with the line art! Hopefully you can all get your retailers to order lots of copies! It'll be a shame if it's underordered. Hope all is well, and like I said check out my site... peace.

"there's nothing more beautiful than the human wang" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Gabe_Eltaeb said...

Love the black cat.

johnnyjustice said...

Wazzup Ale,

Google the word "gangsta" and go to the 3rd page of Images...yep, there you are, lol


missleman said...


Eric said...

Thats a SWEET rendition dude!