Friday, September 30, 2005

Iron Chef challenger afterthoughts...

(message from artist, Marcus To)

It was a pleasure to take part in this draw off! I have to admit that I was a little intimidated by not only going first in a group of impressive match-ups but also by going up against Alé Garza! He really did some cool stuff on this one. It was exciting to be able to draw Colossus and Wolverine doing the famous fastball special - great choice by the fans!

By the way, my brand new series CANNON HAWKE premieres next Wednesday OcTOber 5th so please check it out. Also I can't wait to see Garza's work on his new adventure SKYE RUNNER! From the sketches I've seen I think that it's going to be a blockbuster event for Wildstorm. Thanks to the fans. Be Sure to be back in two weeks when the battle continues!

(message from Ale Garza)

Hey guys I just wanted to once again thank not only Marcus but all of Aspen and thier wonderful fans for participating in this event. back when I came up with this idea the hope was always to get to do things like this. The friendly competition we share is great not only for us as artists but hopefully to you as fans as well. Marcus gave me a run for my money, no doubt! As it was mentioned before we had a lot of back and forth. It was a blast to watch! Marcus definitely has a bright future, and being under Mike's wings I know he'll fly! Make sure to stay tuned for our next challenge. Koi is an amzing new talent, sure to turn some heads in the near future, and Carlos, is well, Carlos. I can say even Jim is afraid to challenge D'anda, lol! That's how much praise he gets around the studio. And as for our third battle, Rich is going to try his darndest to make it, but have no fear Micah, we will have someone for you, even if we have to unearth a Wildstorm Iron Chef from the past! So stay tuned fanboys and fangirls, no offense, lol, the next month and a half is going to be a blast around these parts!




RichardFriend said...

We were talking about the blog a little bit today at lunch and I wanted to add a few thoughts on the Iron Chef "challenge" for those people who might be new here.

It's for FUN. It's for ENTERTAINMENT. It's not a huge ego battle with our artists against whomever plays along with us......We HAVEN'T won all the battles against other companies as was said on some OTHER sites by some misguided fans...and to be honest.....we as artists ourselves can see the results and pretty much know if we lost or won before the vote even happens. You see the other piece and you think "ok I might have a chance on this one...." or........"oh sh*t~! I am in trouble!"


I knew me an Jim were in deep water when we finsihed our piece in the Zatana /Hellboy battle. Carlos and Ale's image had a pop and layout that was stronger than what I had come up's not a big deal. You win some and you lose some. Ale's lost a couple and won a couple. It's all good....and it's more about the adrenaline boost we it keeps things fun here.

I think the fans win mostly because they get a cool art contest and they can vote anyway they see fit for a winner. We ALL REALLY want everyone to vote for their FAVORITE DRAWING though. NOT for which company they support. I was happy to see regulars here vote for Marcus......his piece was cool and deserved the votes they gave his piece.

Iron Chef is entertainment mainly ...and we are always racking our heads to come up with something new and creative here. We think it's an honor and a priviledge to have all our friends come by and play along

and a final note: ALL the art goes to be auctioned for the comicbook legal defense fund.


Thanks again to Aspen and Marcus To for participating. I think it's looking good for me to have my battle.....My schedule should be freed up in around 3 to 4 weeks it should work out perfect.



Tyler Wilken said...

I can honestly say this these little battles do make comics fun for me. You get creators working their asses off just for the fans. To show what they are made of. I love it. Keep up the great work everyone.