Friday, September 30, 2005

Round 1! Iron Chef results

Round 1! Iron Chef results
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This may have been one of the most thrilling challenges yet when it came to the votes. Never have we had such a tug of war in the polls. In the end we tallied a record amount of votes, 139 total!

With Wildstorm taking round 1, make sure to check in two weeks for round two, Carlos D'anda versus Koi Turnbull! Carlos is 4-0, and Koi is Michael Turner's right hand man drawing some hot stuff on Fathom! So make sure to stay tuned!


missleman said...

Woo Whoo! Go Boy Go!

Sam Out-

N said...

well guy ale you did a great job

bat2supe said...

Be sure that we'll stay tuned.
Great battle inaugurating the first studio vs studio.
Congratulation Ale, Marcus you're an amazing penciller.

Next challengers in the arena please :)