Wednesday, September 28, 2005


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Get ready kiddies! I know things have been a little slow, but over the next month and a half things are gonna be heating up! That's right our first studio battle! And to make it interesting we're able to line up one of comicdom's hottest studios! Michael Turner's Aspen Studios!!!

Over the years Michael has been known for generating some of the hottest art in comics. Not only is he known for being a constant fan favorite, but is also known for discovering some very bright young talents! So with that we've set up four battles, each of which promise to generate tons of excitement, and introduce maybe for the first time to some of you, some of comics next generation of superstar artists! We will be kicking it all off later today!

Our first battle will be between our very own Alé Garza versus Aspen's Marcus To! Alé's hungry for a win, and Marcus is hungry to make a name for himself, so it should prove to be very exciting! Of course this will all culminate with the two head honcho's going at it! That's right Jim Lee versus Michael Turner! It will be awesome to see two guys of their caliber go at it! So make sure to start posting your suggestions and today's battle will take place at 2:00 pst!


week 1: Ale Garza vs Marcus To

week 2: Carlos D'anda vs Koi Turnbull

week 3: Richard Friend vs Micah Gunnell

Main Event: Jim Lee vs Michael Turner


JP Mavinga said...

Main Event:
Psylocke vs Witchblade

daveau82 said...

Elastigirl vs. Mr. Fantastic.

Ale Dangerous said...

i meant suggestions for the most current battle. :)

RichardFriend said...

I did mention to Ale' that I might not be able to do this event. I won't be done with this Silent Dragon book for another 2 to 3 weeks.

when I finish this issue I might take a few weeks off to enjoy my new baby daughter and organize my house which is finally getting close to being wrapped up with all the construction.


"In Hollywood it's all who you know.....and I know Crackle."

Mitch Hedburg.

Ale Dangerous said...

rich, youre battle is a month off. dont concede defeat yet. the battles will be bi weekly, btw.

Jack Smith said...
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Jack Smith said...


now that's gonna be a pimpin' battle. JSC was nice, but he's tooo slow to compete sucessfully with Jim. (and notorious for being so) Mr. Turner being a big pimp daddy himself will hold his own much better than JSC hopefully and we'll have the most awesomest event.

Cray said...

How about Aspen Studios drawing any one of their own characters getting their butt kicked by a Wildstorm character, and Wildstorm Studio draw any one of their own characters getting their butt kicked by an Aspen Studio character. Lets see who can make their own characters look like wimps.

RichardFriend said...

""""rich, youre battle is a month off. dont concede defeat yet. the battles will be bi weekly, btw.""""


I didn't say anything about conceding defeat....that's a big leap.

I said I want to take a break.

After Silent Dragon I have some other stuff I need to get to and that's what I am going to do.


john said...
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john said...

the goon vs. bat-mite. snap

crazyfeetmcgee said...

aquaman vs. aspen matthews (fathom)
thundercats and ekos
maul vs dragon(from soulfire)
Rainer (soulfire) vs Braylon (Skye Runner) Like to see this one the most!

Just some ideas

johnnyjustice said...

If there are two characters being drawn for Ale's Iron Chef battle:

•Destra & Fathom

If it's just one character:

•Mitchell Hundred (as the "Great Machine") from Ex Machina

Are there any other characters besides Soulfire and Fathom in the Aspen universe? That's the smack

Barak said...

Grell from Ekos! That'd be sweet, I'd love to see what Ale and Marcus came up with. Or maybe someone like dark pheonix.

Ryan said...

I'm all for you taking a break Rich, but come on, you could take Micah in your sleep...just ragging on Micah there...met him in Chicago this past August and he's just maturing by leaps & bounds with every issue of Dying of The Light.

Depending on the subject matter, Carlos vs. Koi is going to be a very interesting battle. Very different styles.

Ale vs. Marcus will be the closest pairing of styles, I think. I've only seen a little of Marcus' work, but it has a very clean, slightly manga style to it. Ale's strength will probably be his versatility...I think my favourite single issue that I've seen is the fill-in issue on Losers. Kinda gritty, but still Ale Garza.

And it goes without saying, Jim vs. One word...FEMALE character(s). But someone they haven't done or not completely familiar with. That's the Supergirl's, Wonder Woman's, Dark Phoenix, Catwoman, etc...nothing popular. But still something that's recognizable and will allow Jim & Mike to do what they do best...draw dynamic, beautiful women.

Really looking forward to seeing this battle.


| rc | said...

All I gotta say is :


That would be sweet.

Yano said...

Oh wow. My heart is torn! It'll be really tough to judge these upcoming battles!

As for a suggestion, hmm...Elektra vs. Beast. A nice beauty and the beast kinda thing...

Barak said...

why have them draw different characters? That would be hard to choose a winner that way. So how bout make them draw the same one.

Like one of these:


3rdEyeDesign said...

i said Omega Red. and there's a new section for suggestions under the new Garza/To article.

kampilanWil said...

Had to post my suggestions before picking up this week's books.

1- Ale vs Marcus: Robin
2- Carlos vs Koi: Green Arrow
3- Rich vs Micah: Huntress
4- Jim vs MLT: Aayla Secura!

Sirius said...

Robin (Tim Drake) with Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) ;)

Piferelli said...

Hi all. New to the board, so thanks for the welcome.

Just wanted to throw out the idea of Jim and Michael possibly drawing the Birds of Prey group. I'm not sure if either has completed previous work involving the current Birds, but the characters aren't A-List, and they're all women, which bodes well for both artists. Just wanted to throw that out there. Thanks

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