Thursday, September 22, 2005

...more sketchies.

...more sketchies.
Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.
(Carlitos)'s another page from a sketchbook. I was just messin' around with some Prismacolor markers. When they are brand new, they give you an almost 'water color' effect because they are releasing so much pigment, so you get those cool, darker edges to the strokes.

I like busting out those markers and doing everything with 'em (meaning, no pencil sketch before applying 'em). It pushes you into a 'corner' that can create pretty cool results, since it forces you to come up with something with the outlines you've already thrown down.

As a comic book artist, it's real easy to develop 'bad habits' in the way that you approach a drawing, and things can start to look 'formulaic' with time, and eventually, that can make the art look 'too' predictable, and worse, it can make it into a routine for us. It's's good to always be trying different stuff, even if it's just in sketchbook pages, it helps keep your mind fresh, after all, the worst thing that can happen to an artist is to get bored, 'cause that just KILLS creativity.


RichardFriend said...

I like that old guys eye lid a lot..his nose and lips are groovy should draw comics for a living my friend.



sedat said...

Hey Carlito,
nice stuff you got there! I love that old mans face a lot. working with markers is always a lot of fun, the only thing that bothers me about markers is that their colours fade away with time. Im always wondering why there wasnt anyone yet who created permanent markers with the effect those prisma markers have. imho it would make those even more interesting for artists.
Keep up the Good work,
Sedat :)

Zac Dozier said...

The old guys' face looks a little Boris Karloff like. Nice. It's a shame we can't get a larger view. Maybe you should get one of those free MSN groups like Rich.

jim said...

this is for jim lee.

my name is james and i was thinking of doing an interview with you when you come to midtown on october...i was wondering if that was possible? i know your schedule is tight so i thought i ask in advance.

Also, during the midtown thing, my friend asks if you will be doing sketches

TLG said...

That dude is scarry. I'd really hate to meet him in a dark alley. Or in the food court at the mall. Anywhere, really :) of course, he does kind of look like a history teacher I had in high school. Maybe that's where my abject terror comes from.

No bad habits for you, mister.

Maria Cristina said...

Incredible art, I found your website from a search engine. The supergirl watercolor is one of my favorites. Keep drawing.