Thursday, September 29, 2005

Who's that girl? and Iron Chef status...


Couple things. Awhile back I was told by a colleague that I draw some of the hottest girls in comics. I laughed. And then took it as a great compliment. As long as I can remember I had that goal. To draw the cutest girls in comics, lol. Not the uber sexxy, or the extreme cheesecake, just the ordinary, totally hot, and out of your range, girl next door! For me my one inspiration and always has been, has been my lovely wife Carla. As you'll see above I always take random pics of different facial expressions of her just to keep as a library. She really has all the perfect features for the kinda girls I like to draw, awwwww. Sappy I know, but look, and you'll see a lot of similarities. Who knows, someday I may release a book of all my different facial expressions I have of her!

An update for the all the new bloggers we have now that we've started this studio wide battle. First off, welcome! It can be easily said that Aspen has some devoted fans, no doubt! You guys rock! Also a quick thanks to Marcus for participating. Great job man! I don't think we've ever had so much back and forth in one contest, and I know the others will be pretty much the same! For those of you who are new, voting will close at 12 noon pst on Friday. Make sure to get all those votes in!

Next up in two weeks, Carlos D'anda vs Koi Turnbull! Carlos is undefeated, and Koi is hungry for an upset! It should be knock down, drag out goodness! So with that peace to all you monkeys, keep on keepin on!

"thats it im going to clown college!" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Dan-El said...

You do draw some fine, fine honeys Ale - my favourite was the Zantana you did recently.

Carla is a beautiful muse! Thanks for sharing your inspiration! =)

Carla Garza is a kickass name too

bat2supe said...

How could you be a bad penciller with a so beautiful & wonderful muse: LUCKY MAN.
Now we all know the secret: it's all about love;)

Votes aren't closed but seems like you've got a little advance on your Aspen opponents: Good luck!!!

Keepin' rocking boys

espressoDOM said...

Hey Ale.... liked the post... a love note to your wife and a little insight for you fans... keep up the good work... Read Batgirl 67 last night... you were on point on those last two pages with BatGirl Canary and Oracle...Great Stuff

Yano said...

Aww, that's really sweet, Alé! I'd love to see more reference photos against the finished art, that's always interesting to see. Carla must love being your muse and seeing herself everywhere!

patman said...

i think a "carla garza themed sketchbook by ale garza" would sell like hotcakes =)

hamstersmasher said...


richardlimjr said...

I am new at this, just want to check with you guys.

to Vote, all I need to do is to leave a comment for the artist that i prefer?

is that all ?