Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Thanks for playin...

Thanks for playin...
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Hey guys, I was excited to see the amount of interest in my previous post! I've been busy! For those still interested, I do have some space left! As a treat I thought I'd post this little Voodoo doodle I did.

I know it sounds funny since I've spent a majority of my career at Wildstorm, but this is actually my first attempt at the character. I went to Rich, since he's quite fond of the character, for direction. I was pretty happy with the way it came out! Aside from that, hope all is well and I'll talk to you all soon!



Tyler Wilken said...

Wow this looks great Ale. I really like her hair. The arms look pretty wicked too. I bet its pretty gratifying to find how much people are really into your work.


ps: Any word on the last contest prizes?

bat2supe said...


Ain't nothing like a bad girl!!

Press Oblivion said...

It looks pretty sweet Ale!

I love the grey tones that you pull down all the time it really adds extra flavor and depth to the drawing.

Thanks for sharing man, it's such an inspiration to see all this great work from you guys.
Thanks again

Inkblotz said...

Well if we can't have new Skye Runner art I guess this will have to do :)

Just kidding this is a great Voodoo pic especially for your first time drawing her. You make her look sexy even with those crazy demonite arms of hers.

Can't wait to see what you have in store for is next.


Vince said...

That's a very good pics ! I really like the grey area !
now a vodoo mini-serie seems like interresting !

Eric said...

Daaaaaaamn. WONDERFUL shading! I love it.

Mr. B said...

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