Thursday, March 31, 2005

Credit where credit is due

Credit where credit is due

(entry Richard Friend)

The credits on Superman 214 are not correct and some very talented people helped out on the inks and never got their just dues.


Sandra Hope and Myself did NOT work on that issue at ALL although the credits state otherwise...

It was Joe Weems, Danny Miki, and Trevor Scott who helped out Scott Williams.


I did do some pages on a few earlier issues. I have had people ask me several times what pages I have inked. I got a few of the page numbers from issue 213 and here they are:

issue 213....pages 7, 18, 20, 21, and 22.




Tyler Wilken said...

What a nice guy. Way to set things right Rich!

Neo said...

Hi Rich
Not getting a mention sucks! This post made me realise Scott Wilson must be working his butt off and the rest to keep up with the deadlines. So much so that help was drafted in, I haven't heard him needing help before?
Shame Scott can't post a comment/pic from time to time, I'd like to hear his side of things.
Scott? Where are you ?

GoingNuckinFuts said...

Thank you for clearing that up!! cause Im looking at some of the pages and Im thinking...."Wait this isnt Scott William...or RF".....dunno bout Sandra Hope...but it looks different from her stuff on the Intimates so that was a bit iffy here and there. But yeah thanks Rich...dunno how boggled I was.

RichardFriend said...

Chris you probably mean Scott Williams?


....did he just get miscredited?


in all seriousness....

I have not been credited a few times for big jobs I did and it hurts a little.

One was the Wizard Cover Travis Charest and I did.(Grifter and Spartan) At that point it was probably the best ink job I ever did on Travis. What really bothered me about that one in particular was there were 3 covers that month and EVERY other inker was credited in all the issues and I wasn''s like..ok everyone knew who did what on everything....and yet for some reason our cover get's miscredited.......great.

I also inked the Homecoming Trade Paperback cover with Travis and again I wasn't credited. That was my First page with Travis and a HUGE deal for me. I did it over a weekend even handed it directly to the editor(in person) and they credited JD for the that happened I have NO idea...

so I know how it feels, and it doesn't feel good.

anyways back to work for me.....pencil, pencil, pencil.......


I may have a surprise here later tonight...something kinda cool.~


patman said...


drafting quite a bit of inkers to help out probably means the pencils did not come out in time for 1 inker to do the job within the deadline. mr lee or mr williams can set me out straight.



Rich, your a man of integrity.

Sam Out-

Brett said...

Hey, Rich! I have a question. I can tell the difference between inkers and I could tell that one page from that issue was no one credited that was credited. When you're inking a book that is primarily credited to Scott or some other inker, do you try to adjust your inks to reflect the look of the project or do you try to stay true to your personal inking style...or is it a little of both.

Choisez said...

Inkers don't get no respect. =P


joeweems5 said...

Rich, Thanks for setting the record straight on that one. I'm inking a couple pages (along with Batt,and Townsend)currently for the last issue. This time I'm a lot happier with the finished work. Scotts' got a scan of the first one right now, hit em' up!