Monday, March 21, 2005




Haven't been around for a few days. The reason being is I was up in tha LBC attending the Wizard convention. Man, whatta weekend! From the barroom antics of a fellow comic pro, to the hotel room shenanigans, it was truly a weekend to savor, lol. I attended last year and had a blast, and this year's show was no different. I was shacked up with fellow artist Mark Brooks for the entirety of the show. We had what could only be described as "Alé and Mark's big 'fruity' weekend," heh. Also got to kick it with fellow pros Karl Kerschl, and Dave McCaig. Both of whom are extremely talented and super cool...yo! Once again the DC booth provided great shelter, and even though Marvel had an actual booth, DC was still the place to be!

The night before the show, Mark and I got a little boozy, and a little singy, and did up the above piece. The idea was to raffle it off during the show. A lucky young lady known as Maria was the big winner having only had to shell out 10 bucks for her tickets...(napolean says) luckyyyy....Congrats to her though, the piece actually came out pretty nice considering I could barely hold my head up while drawing my Wolverine, heh.

I'll post some of the commisssions I did as I get the scans sent to me. All in all a great time, and I can't wait for Comic-Con!

Pics of me annoying both Karl Kerschl, and Greg Rucka, the new creative team on Superman Adventures, make sure to check for it...yo!

Karl Kerschl

Greg Rucka


"skiperdoo!" PSHOO!PSHOO!


icemanx62 said...

Maria is a lucky girl for winning the Cap & Wolvie piece. Wizard World LA sounded like a blast. I'm looking forward to you posting more of your commissions from the con. Nice work Ale!


Nice pic, did mark Do Cap, it looks like a Brooks face--

Nice I thought it said $200 per ticket at first-- Neo sez, "whoa..."

Nice pics Ale, thanks for sharing a little bit from the conventions that I can't make- being that I'm stuck here on the East coast...

Sam Out-


Oh yeah I think you may have switched the pics for Greg and Karl

Sam Out-

Ale Dangerous said...

nope, the pics are labeled right, lol! 200 a ticket, hmmmm.... and yes, Mark drew the Cap'n.


jtruong008 said...

OMG! That Captain America/Wolverine piece is freakin' sweet!

Jon Tsuei said...

Great piece there Ale. Hope to catch you at Comic Con and get a commission from you since I wasnt able to at Wondercon. This is Jon btw (Asian dude with the black beenie that came around your table a few times). Cant decide on what the commission would be, too many ideas, hehe.

Tempest said...

I thought it was 200 at first too... my nerves started 'dancing' because I know if it was $200 a pop I may not have been able to resist...

that piece is great! you do wonderful drunken sweetness

eddie scrafton said...

Looks like you had a blast, Ale.

Really great raffle prize as well, Maria is a lucky girl.

Now if only we could get you over here to the UK to do the Bristol Con this year!:)

GTJDorris said...

I heard there was craziness at night after the show. Apparently some dudes started climbing one of those neon marquee signs outside of some bar.

I heard the con itself was kinda slow and dull from some other folks. I was wondering if you felt that way too, Ale, or maybe being hungover could cure any interest in checking out the action on the floor. Anyway, just curious. I hope this crew makes it to DragonCon at the end of the summer. Take care, be well.

-- Jonathan

nohoohboy said...

The con was not slow. It was WAY better than last year's and it should be better even next year, being at downtown LA. Less commute time for me!

Kateness said...

Is that Grant Morrison in the background of the Karl pic?

At first when I saw the raffle pic, I thought that might still be the DC booth...which amused me, because you're raffling off a piece with two Marvel characters, lol. But now that I think about it, it looks like that was elsewhere on the con floor.