Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bring it on sucka!

Bring it on sucka!

[ale] A while back my wife took me on some cattle casting call for a teen cheerleading movie. I was there just for support but it turned out they were going to need a lot of bodies for this flick. And me just so having a body fit the part perfectly, heh.

The funny thing is is the movie turned out being quite a little smash hit known as Bring it On. At the time they had wanted us for the whole 31 days of shooting. However after just one day my wife and I decided that being an extra was just not for us.

It was hell.

We sat around all day in the blistering sun of SDSU's campus waiting to be called in to shoot about what was 3 scenes about a hundred times each, bleh. the silly thing was though, that even though we only did one day, we somehow managed to get on screen.


You can almost quite clearly see us walk through two scenes. Of course those were back in my spikey haired days, heh. We pretty much never attempted to do anything like that again after that. Although, in retrospect it was a very interesting experience. Mainly just seeing how movies are shot, and how pampered some actresses are. lol! -a "oh you silly rabbit" PSHOO!PSHOO!



Very nice, it's always fun finding out these little fun facts, I'd put that up on your table at a convention or at least something like-- Star of "Bring It On", and artist of Bat Girl- ALE, just kidding...

Sam Out

Rob Rosenblatt said...

Gah! That was on the USA Network last night and my wife and I watched it for the ump-teenth time. I wish I had read this post first so I could have kept a keen eye out.

Mary E. Brickthrower said...


Rekognize. I was an extra in the press conference scene of JERSEY GIRL. You can see the back of my head (which is shaved) in the very beginning of the scene. I spent more than 12 hours being an extra. IT SUCKED!!!! It was freezing and it was supposed to look like summer, I ended up sleeping in the craft services tent for about 3 hours, the moral of this story is: Ze Brickthrower likes movies, not being IN movies. Unless I'm the star!!!!
Thanks for sharing Ale~

~mary e brickthrower
++++++++++end of transmission++++++++

burtons said...

Two words. Spirit fingers. =)

Southern Nishita said...


Let's see, Kevin Bacon was in A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise was in Interview With A Vampire with Kirsten Dunst, Kirsten Dunst was in Bring It On with Ale Garza.

Three moves! What other WS guy can say that!

IMO, it would've been better if you were in One Night In Paris:)