Sunday, March 27, 2005

Where have all the Ale's gone?...

Where have all the Ale's gone?...


Been busy lately. That's why the posts have been sparse. Been trying to get my work done, and come through with more comic strips, and help my wife out in her final week of pregnancy. So basically my time has been eaten up like a box of pastries layed out in front of Carlos, lol. I'm really into this current issue of Batgirl, it features some swanky ladies! Problem is though I haven't had much practice with faces and expressions lately, so it's really kickin my a$$!

Wanted to post one of mine and Carlos's old Gen covers. Man I dig Hewlett sooo much! The new Gorillaz single Dirt Harry is hot also! I strongly suggest purchasing it from itunes if you get the chance! There's no better way to drop 99 cents! I was just telling Rich and Carlos yesterday how cool that concept is. It'd be a dream come true to do something like that. Bring all your fav musicians together and then create some frikkin awesome animated looks for them, sweeet! Someday, who knows? But back to Hewlett, the guy's a genius in my book. He provides so much inspiration it's ridiculous. Those Gen covers, Carlos and I did were such a blast, I can only hope to revisit that look somewhere down the road.

Other than that, congrats again to the winner of my Batgirl drawing. It was a pleasure! And yeah, beanies are cool!

"we hate it when our friends become successful" PSHOO!PSHOO!


nohoohboy said...

Heh heh. I remember at WWLA, you were saying that the other guy just won copies. :)
That is a sweet piece, and thanks again for the piece you drew for me. And good luck and everything with your wife and her pregnancy!


I know it can be hectic that least week of pregnancy, I remember getting the call 2 weeks early and leaving work to go to the hospital where I found my wife, strapped down and ready-
On another note I'm glad your on Batgirl, you bring a refreshing take on the character.

Sam Out-

Tyler said...

Despite what iTunes says, "Dirty Harry" was actually a 7" white label release. The first actual single is gonna be "Feel Good Inc"

If you wanna hear something really cool, lead songwriter Damon Albarn released a demo version of the song (it was just called "I Need A Gun") back in the day, you can here it here.

Oh, and one last geek comment... here is the cover to the next album.

Ryan said...

In the same way Carlos was the motivating factor in adding Outsiders to my pull list, you Ale have motivated me to add Batgirl. Hopefully one day I'll be able to make it to a con that you're at.

Congratulations on the emminent delivery of the newest addition to the Garza clan.

Chuckeedee said...

HELL YEAH!!! some new 'Gorillaz' stuff out there!

... I had heard, or read somewhere that Hewlett wasn't going to be as involved with this album, if at all (which would MAJORLY SUCK!!!), but hopefully this cover is an indication that we are getting more sweet sweet Hewlett art on this one as well .... after all, what's Gorillaz without his characters and style ?!?


Tyler said...

Yeah, Damon Albarn said in an interview somewhere early on he wasn't sure WHO was going to be involved, but he and Jamie Hewlett go way back (if I remember correctly they were actually roommates at one time).

However, Del tha Funkee Homosapien and Dan the Automator are not involved with this release. Automator's been replaced with DJ Danger Mouse (of the highly contriversial "Grey Album" fame) and a host of new collaborators.

New video for Feel Good Inc should be out around May 9th, but I just saw they added the single to iTunes and it sounds GREAT.

Ale Dangerous said...

Sweet Mamma luscioun!!! Sweet song, thanks for the heads up!!!


eddie scrafton said...

Hope everything goes well with the imminent new arrrival, Ale:)!

eddie scrafton said...

Hope everything goes well with the imminent new arrrival, Ale:)!