Thursday, March 24, 2005

...breakdown baby!!!

... breakdown baby!!!

(entry: Carlitos)

For the most part, I tend to post 'finished' pieces on the 'Metti, but I thought it might be interesting to the "Art-heads" out there to show some 'progression' work for a change. :)

For a couple of years now, I've been inking my own stuff, and the biggest challenge has always been "How the hell can I do 'two' jobs (penciling and inking), and still meet my deadlines?" and really, the solution is pretty much the same for most artist out there who ink their own pencils, and that is; Don't 'finish' the pencils!!! This doesn't mean that you 'half-a$$' the pencils, it just means that you don't 'finesse' them as much. You only give yourself as much information as you need to make sure the drawing is solid (anatomy, perspective, proportions, etc etc.) and sometimes, 'basic' lighting direction. This also helps in keeping the drawing 'fresh' for me, because I am making all the 'detail' decisions in the inking-phase, and changing and redrawing things at that stage, that way, it doesn't feel like I'm drawing the same thing twice. here's an example of what I mean.


Tyler Wilken said...

Damn, I never really thought about that, but It makes a hell of a lot of sense. Thanks for the tip Carlos!


Nice- hey Carlitos one of the things I've been doing of late is doing semi tight thumbs @ 5x7.5 and then scanning blowing up to the 10x15 and inking, and sometime when I nail the thumb I blow up the 2x3 and do very minor pencils afterwards. As always nice stuff Carlos.

Sam Out-

Shawn Richter said...

Bigger! Bigger! (I wanna see more of the "fewer details!") That's kind of how I work, also, but I do a little more detail at the pencilling stage. I also work right on the board from my roughs in blue pencil and ink right over that so I don't have to erase! Of course i don't have a monthly schedule to meet, in the same sense (more like 20 pages in 30 or so days) and I'm lettering my own stuff now too. I'm also not working for DC either! SO not nearly as much pressure - my finished pencils look like these breakdowns... I guess i've sill got a ways to go...

patman said...

what's your reason for wanting to do your own inks? wouldn't it be better for you to tighten your pencils and then pass it on to a seasoned inker that you trust? is it for financial reasons?

don't you think your work would be immensely better if you can take more time out to perfect the pencils the best way you could (and then have an inker work his way towards embellishing it while meeting the deadline).