Thursday, March 24, 2005

Scott's sketchies

Scott's sketchies

(entry, Scott Iwahashi)

Carlos was gracious enough to allow me to post under his name. I’m pretty busy working, but I figured I’d post a sketchbook page that was a lot of fun. Three different, equally, confusing directions all on one page. Hehe…I love those Struzan mouths.

Carlitos here,

…yeah Dude, you better be gracious!!! Heheh, I just realized that that dude eating ‘cereal’ is Goya’s “Saturn” eating his kids.

Scott’s one crazy Kid I tell ya’!


monsanto said...

Is that guy a... Teletubee? Nice rendering :)
" I eat rascals likr you fer breakfast " said the giant to his fresh kids cereal. :)


Totally awesome Scott, Don't do Drugs kids... just kidding, well not a bout the drugs, but anyways, I love to see sketchbook pages like this Scott, just kinda everywhere.

Sam Out-

Salix said...

That guy with the tree on his head looks cool and creepy, like he belongs in a fantasy comic. Your simple style with the guy reading the books also looks great!

patman said...


Just wanted to congratulate you on your short story in LOSH #6. When I saw the name of the artist, I knew I heard about it before.

Very interesting to see that your first issue was in a DC title and not a Wildstorm title.

Congrats again and good luck!