Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Co-missions: Long Beach

Co-missions: Long Beach


As promised, some commissions...I like to try different things at each show. So for this show I went with grey tones. I used some warm greys to get these done, along with brush pen. Like always, 11" x 17" bristol.

This one featured our li'l miss Cassie (link here), aka Batgirl. The buyer requested a very specific pose. Tried my best to give him what he wanted. Hopefully I'll get some of the other scans, did a pretty cute Supergirl, and had a ton of fun on an Ivy (Soul Caliber) request.

" What is all this?..." PSHOO!PSHOO!


Tyler Wilken said...

I'm excited to see that Ivy. Not as much as I would be to see a Siegfreid (pre-nightmare) but excited none the less. Keep up the GREAT work Ale.


Nice what type of brush pen do you use?

Sam Out-

Fabio Moon said...

Nice pose. Not stiff.

eddie scrafton said...

Keep the sketches coming! The Cassie one is great!

nohoohboy said...

Ale, thanks for the sketch at WWLA! My friend says it's the best lookin one out of all my sketches I got there.