Thursday, March 17, 2005

All's Done

All's done...

Both entries are done! The theme today... Hellboy's little sister! Both entries look fantastic! Have fun voting!

Iron Gelato Carlos D'anda
D'Anda Link!

Challenger Mark Brooks
Brooks Link!



Well It's nice to see speed, and We as fans and artist appreciate the service you guys do for us posting this additional info on the production and celebration of art, Hey Jim and everyone else at GELATOMETTI--
Sam Ellis

PS, I already voted in the other forum, but Carlos, you Da' Man!

Gelatomettista said...

I will copy and paste the old comments in one sec...


Gelatomettista said...

16 Comments from the old board reposted here:

GTJDorris said...

My vote: Carlito (aka Carlos)

I like both visions of a simple title "Hellboy's little sister." I like Carlos's very young girl with the family resemblance, and I like Mark's take on more of a lil sister aspiring to her big bro's legacy. I think facial features and face itself I would have to give to Mark based on personal preferences.

But....look at how much detail Carlos got in there in only an hour!!! That's an incredible sketch for only an hour. It's just such a complete vision. It's hardly even a "sketch" at all. Carlos, that piece was incredible.

The best part of it though is I'm now a huge Mark Brooks fan. Mark, if you swing by to read the comments, I hope you'll make DragonCon at the end of this summer, cause I'm planning on it. Great work both of ya'll, and I think this has been the closest vote of any of the Iron Chef battles in my opinion!!

-- Jonathan

6:15 PM

brian. said...

Wow! Carlos really cranked it out. I agree with the previous poster that Mark's sketch is awesome, but Carlos crammed so much detail in just a 1 hour sketch...wicked. Maybe I like it so much because my favorite Hellboy story is Pancakes. My vote: Carlos.

6:20 PM
brian. said...

Now that I look at it some more...Carlos, if you're ever wwilling to part with that puppy, I'd love to add it to my collection.

6:28 PM


Though Mark has SCAD props, I'm going with Carlos on this on.

There seems to be more of a story behind his piece and not just a theme.

Brooks I love ya' man but CARLOS has my vote.

Sam Out-

6:41 PM
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6:42 PM

Colin said...

On first impression, I liked Mr. Brooks's creation better. To me, it was more visually pleasing and the composition is more traditional for comics. I was pushed away from Carlos's creation at first. That lil girl annoyed me.

And then I realized that this was the beauty of the D'Anda piece. It's Hellboy's annoying lil sister in the style of an annoying redheaded step-sister. The detail is great. I get the feeling that he layed the character down and started to have some fun with the details. I love the bow on her tail, the skull ponytail tie, the adhesive bandage strip, and the mallet. The background is great. I only disliked the full grown horns.

My vote goes to Carlos because while Mark Brooks's is a great comic piece, I was won over in the end by the emotional reaction I had to Carlos's piece, the complexity, and the detail. This is one of the better battles, IMO! GREAT WORK GUYS!

6:45 PM
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6:50 PM
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6:52 PM

æxitre Ω said...

Carlos is teh winnah

I dont think I would have guessed that this was carlos' piece out of the context of this 'contest'

A very nice look overall

Mark, from one Georgia boy to another; You got whooped, son! Hee Haaaaaw!!!

6:52 PM

Grant Gould said...

Man, they're both great. My vote's gotta go with Carlos D'anda though :)

7:19 PM

Peter Nguyen
peter said...


wow i when i first looked at both drawings i thought carlos's drawing was marks cause it looked anime infulenced , so yeah carlo's rendering of the little girls overals and clothes are amazing and the little grit details lean me go carlos, always did love's carlos's inking.

7:20 PM

RightOnTarget said...

Vote goes to Mark.

7:21 PM

Er Lern said...

carlos :)

7:39 PM

1031 said...

I'm digging the one on the left. Carlos's, yes? I like the expressive face, with the big manga eyes. She's cute, but could still pound the hell out of you with the Right Hand of Doom.

7:58 PM

bluepop said...

Hands down, CARLOS

Great Job!

8:00 PM

Gilbert Monsanto
monsanto said...

Carlos has my vote for HELLBRAT or Hellbaby :)

8:02 PM

gemste said...

carlos has my vote.

Paolo said...

definitely Carlos with the Hellbrat.

Does she likes pancakes, too :3 ?

Flashpass said...

Carlos gets my vote. Awesome job.

MR FURIOUS said...

great job both of you...i first noticed mark's work in spidey title and quickly nabbed it and have been a fan since...however, carlos sure did a number on this one, such detail for an hr's work!!!
congrats both of you, but carlos got my vote.
(i just love these challenges, keep em up)
and thanks jim for the newer quicker metti!

alexanderg - big fan

Tempest said...

Going in I thought Carlos was up against an impossible challenge. Mark has a great style that really appeals to me.

Carlos gets the vote...
the finish on this piece!! my god... that was an hour?!
Quality my friend.

Mark: Beautiful man... I look forward to your future runs.

Mike said...

Iron Gelato Carlos D'anda!!!

Big thumb's up for the inkwashes!


T Bird said...

I'm voting for Iron Gelato Carlos! I thought his idea of creating a much younger sibling was perfect.

Guerrilla Outfit said...

carlos takes the cake!!!

while brooks has the more dynamic pose, the pose took away the amount of detail he can put on the pic to make it a great hellgirl pic,

carlos on the other hand has the more traditional pose but when you look more closer to it it has more attitude than it looks with the deatil of the glove and the freckles and the pockets and other little things that make it the definitive hellgirl look!

patman said...

carlos, without a doubt.

now if only outsiders can get a little bit cute like this. ;-)

nohoohboy said...

Carlos got my vote but Brooks' piece is freakin sweet!